Monday 2 January 2017

December Recap

Happy 2017!
To kick the year off, I'm bringing you my December recap where at the end of each month I gather up all of the content I have published during that month, so you can catch up on any posts that you may have missed. If you're new here (welcome to BlonDee's Beauty!) and if you're anything like me, make a cup of tea, get comfortable and go on a bit of a binge read.

Week 1



  1. I love your posts. I'm a fan of that simple anti-blemish moisturiser. It's the best! I'm also keen to pick up a bunch more nudes from rimmel, there are so many nude shades in that branch

    1. Thanks lovely! :)
      I feel like one can never have too many nude shades of lipstick! :P


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