Friday 27 January 2017

5 Brands I'm Currently Loving

There are a lot of brands out there that I love and there are many more that I am yet to try (I'll get there eventually). But today it's all about these 5 brands that I have been really enjoying the most these past few weeks, and have impressed me with their amazing products.


I save their Stay All Day Foundation for special events/occasions for two reasons; it's pricey but worth ever penny because it's very reliable. I wore it to an event at the races not too long ago and it held up extremely well even all the way through the after party. It really is one of my absolute go-to foundations for all day wear. I own a fair few of their products including the Eyes Are The Window Eyeshadow Palette in 'Spirit' and their Color Balm Lipstick in 'Olivia', and I haven't been left disappointed by any of those products. 

I'm a big fan of all of their nail colours as well as their nail care products, because they actually do what they claim to do. No lamp gel polishes have become huge and they are mostly the only types of polishes I use nowadays because when you spend all that time perfecting your manicure, you want it to last longer than 3 days. About a month ago I tried the Miracle Gel range and they're fantastic! High colour pay off, doesn't apply streaky and the overall formula is just spot on. 


I must confess, I'm not just currently loving Lush, I am ALWAYS loving Lush. But more so lately after receiving a box of goodies for Christmas, so it's a Lush bath all the time in this household (no complaints here!). Whenever I'm feeling the stresses of life, I make myself a nice hot bath, drop a bath bomb in and watch it fizz. For me, a bath is one of the best ways to relax and ease my mind. I can't forget about their shower products or body creams either because the scent of them are simply heavenly, and the best thing of all is how freshly made they all are.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you would know I'm a drugstore girl at heart and NYX is one of my favourite brands. I picked up some new products that I've been eager to try like their Strobe Of Genius Illuminating Palette which has been very talked about in the beauty community, and their "Set It & Don't Fret It" Matte Finishing Powder so I could get back to baking again. I'm very happy with both products, but I've been getting a lot of use out of the loose powder because it sets my face in the most air brushed way. I'm also really looking forward to trying the new Total Control Drop Foundation.

So far I only own a few products by the brand (hoping to expand), but that's all it took to become obsessed with Hourglass. The Surreal Light Palette is an absolute must-have for any beauty enthusiast because it's just stunning. It's so luxe and the marble case is very on trend, but the overall quality of the palette is exactly what I expected and more. Same goes for their Veil Mineral Primer; I can see why this has gotten so much love and such positive reviews, it's truly a great all-rounder primer!


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