Wednesday 18 January 2017

Review | Rimmel Fresher Skin Foundation

As I was having a little browse at my local drugstore, this new release by Rimmel caught my attention because their foundations normally come in a tube or glass bottle, not a jar so I was very curious about it. I must say, I have read very mixed reviews on this product but today I will be bringing you my honest thoughts and opinions on this foundation and if I would recommend it.

Fresher Skin Foundation has an SPF of 15 with light breathable coverage for an even natural-looking, fresh finish that stays shine-free all day.


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As I mentioned in the introduction, it comes in a cute glass jar with 25ml worth of product (slightly less than your standard 30ml). The overall look of it with the blue and pink on the lid suits the name of the foundation quite well as it has a pretty, fresh feel to it.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the jar is the water and the oil in the foundation had separated a bit which doesn't exactly look appealing. The consistency itself is creamy yet light at the same time so it blends over the skin with ease. It also a slight fragrance to it that I like to call 'Rimmel's signature foundation scent' but it's not over powering at all.

It definitely does offer light coverage which makes it great for the warmer months when you want to wear something more breathable. Because it has light coverage, it doesn't cover imperfections well including dark under eye circles or zits so that's something to bear in mind.

Now this is where it all goes terribly wrong. I applied it using one of my go-to makeup brushes (Real Techniques Expert Face Brush), and it left streaks all over my face which NEVER happens when I use this brush. Not only that, but it looked incredibly patchy; in some areas it wouldn't stick and in other areas it would cling. I even tried to apply it with my trusty makeup sponge but I just ended up with the same result. It clung to dry patches and emphasized uneven texture even with using a skin smoothing primer. 

I wish I could tell you how well this foundation holds up throughout the day, but to be completely honest I simply did not want to leave the house looking like a mess. It looked awful from the beginning so I can't imagine it looking any better as the day went on. 

Cute packaging
Breathable formula
SPF 15
Clings to dry areas
Emphasizes uneven texture
Doesn't sit well on the skin
Patchy finish

Unfortunately, this foundation just did not work for me at all. To be brutally honest, I cannot see myself reaching for this again in the near future, it really let me down in almost every aspect. If you are wanting to try one of Rimmel's foundations, I would skip this one and go straight for their Lasting Finish or Match Perfection Foundation because for me personally they do everything this particular one doesn't for the exact same price. 

What are your thoughts on this foundation?

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