Wednesday 11 January 2017

In The Spotlight | Hourglass Surreal Light

As soon as I laid eyes on this beauty (before it had even been released), I did not hesitate to put it on my Christmas wishlist. I simply could not wait to write this post for you guys, so let's have a closer look at this gorgeous Ambient Lighting Edit Palette.

Before we get stuck into it, can we just take a moment to admire the marble case because it is perfection and a beauty enthusiast/makeup junkie's dream!

This luxe palette holds five beautifully formulated powders that really enhance your overall makeup look by giving you that youthful glow.

For someone who doesn't own ANY of those stunning Hourglass powders, this was a bit of a squeal moment for me. Even more so when I swatched the shades as they are just as luxurious as I had imagined, so I was definitely not left disappointed when it came to my first impression!

'Surreal Light' (the largest powder) is a lovely nude toned finishing powder for setting the entire face. It does contain very fine shimmer (like all of the shades) but it doesn't transfer on the face in an unflattering way in the slightest - it just gives your complexion an all over subtle radiance. 

Middle row from the bottom is 'Surreal Bronze Light' which is a warm toned bronzer that isn't too orange for my fair skin. A great shade for adding some life back into your complexion and giving you that bronzed goddess look for the summertime. 

From top to bottom: Surreal Strobe Light, Surreal Bronze Light, Surreal Effect, Surreal Glow & Surreal Light.

The two blush shades that are side by side in the palette look incredible on the cheek and I've been loving them lately for creating "barely there" makeup looks. 'Surreal Effect' (pink-peach) is the perfect Spring/Summer blush shade whereas 'Surreal Glow' is more on the neutral side of the scale, which would actually be great for deeper vampy looks. 

And finally, 'Surreal Strobe Light' for adding some extra luminosity to areas of your face that you want highlighted. It's definitely not a blinding highlight but it's all that I need for when I'm going for a lighter day to day makeup look.

Would I say it's worth the hefty price tag? Absolutely! The overall quality of the shades are nothing short of amazing. HOWEVER, there are plenty of other products out there that offer similar if not the same results, so I wouldn't say that you need to get off the couch, run to the store and purchase it right this minute. BUT, if you're new to the brand then I think this palette is the way to go to if you're wanting variety. It's truly a beautiful palette, it just depends on what you're looking for. Either way, just treat yourself! 


Are you in love with this palette as much as I am?


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