Tuesday 10 December 2019

Summer-Ready Beauty

I have a love-hate relationship with Summer, but if there's one thing I adore about the season it's the beauty and makeup. Fresh-faced, tons of highlighter and glowing skin from head to toe is what it's all about for me (oh and the beachy waves!). Most of these products have been a part of my warm weather essentials for a long while now, so they are definitely well-loved and trusted to get me ready for Summer.

Tuesday 3 December 2019

Sparkling and Glowing Makeup for the Holidays

There are three days out of the year where I like to drench myself in sparkle and shimmer and they are my birthday, New Year's Eve (obviously) and of course Christmas. You can glam up any way you please during the holidays, but I like to stick to the traditional colours of silvers and golds. It's all about sparkling foiled eyeshadow, layers of shimmery highlight and a deep plum lip for the ultimate festive makeup look.
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