Tuesday 3 September 2019

Review | Flower Beauty Light Illusion Foundation

I typically steer clear of dewy foundations to avoid looking shinier than a disco ball, but I decided that I would give Flower Beauty's Light Illusion Foundation a red hot go anyway in the hopes it will surprise me. While many absolutely adore it (and others not so much), I myself have very mixed feelings.


Light Illusion is a breakthrough foundation that achieves the impossible; provides you with medium to buildable coverage to smooth and perfect, while imparting your skin with the most flattering soft luminosity imaginable. All with a weightless, nude skin feel. Imperfections and uneven skin tone diminished. Only a flawless, smooth, and incredibly natural complexion in revealed.




Chemist Warehouse


Beautiful packaging just like Drew's entire range of products. The metallic gold against the white is very sleek and pretty. It comes with a pump dispenser along with a solid glass bottle holding 30ml of product. This foundation has that expensive feel without the hefty price tag so it doesn't look cheaply made which can be the case for many more affordable foundations.


But, the inside is what always counts and the formula itself is quite lovely. It has a nice consistency that blends effortlessly into the skin with my trusty Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, and it doesn't leave any streaks behind. 


Medium buildable coverage is what I expected and that is exactly what I got. It evens out my complexion nicely and hides my imperfections well so I only need minimal concealer to cover any stubborn spots. 


The shade 'Porcelain' is never really it (story of a pale girls life), so it didn't match me at all and I'm fairly certain it oxidized a bit too which is a terrible combination as my face and neck were significantly two different tones. Besides that, the foundation looked really beautiful on my skin. It was left looking naturally radiant and not over-the-top glowy which definitely works in my favour having oily skin and all.


I was honestly anticipating the worst because there's no way a dewy foundation will hold up once my oils breakthrough (I'd pretty much be the definition of a hot mess), but with priming and powdering it surprisingly did a decent job! I mean, I still had to blot away shine throughout the day (it's not different to any other foundation I wear), but it didn't melt off or separate like I was expecting. However I did notice that the foundation transfers easily, so I definitely needed to keep my fingers away from my face to avoid losing coverage and have it looking patchy. 


Applies effortlessly
Flawless medium buildable coverage
Natural glowy finish
Lightweight feel
Lasts well on oily skin
Budget friendly
Quality packaging
SPF 18


Poor shade range
Wipes away easily


Although the pros far outweigh the cons, for me the biggest deal breaker is the not so porcelain shade along with the oxidization so it's a double whammy.  If they added at least 10 more shades to the range it would definitely cater to more skin tones and their undertones (I always find the lighter shades to be too pink or too yellow). I think this will work great on normal-dry skin types too and it'll also give your dull Winter complexion that luminous boost. I can't see myself reaching for this foundation which is a shame, but if you can find your perfect shade and you love a good glow then I say give it a try because it is a very nice foundation - it just needs improving. 

Do you have a favourite product by Flower Beauty?

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