Tuesday 27 August 2019

A Rosy Face Mask by Lush

How good is that feeling when you've collected enough pots from Lush to receive a free face mask? You're essentially being rewarded for recycling and being kinder to the planet which is something I can definitely get behind! 'Rosy Cheeks' was recommended to me by the lovely lady at Lush and it is an oily skin savior!

I'm actually wearing the mask as I'm writing this post and I have completely slathered it all over my face! The kaolin clay consistency immediately took me back to my childhood where we would create sculptures with clay and water, except this has that rose bouquet scent to it which makes it an utter joy to apply.

Other fresh ingredients you'll find in this mask are calamine and Turkish rose oil to calm, nourish and restore balance to the skin. For a clay based mask, it doesn't set like concrete or suck the life out of your skin - it just leaves you with a mattified complexion that feels clean and not dry whatsoever.

Every time I use this mask I've noticed that my skin isn't as oily throughout the day which is phenomenal considering how difficult oily skin is to manage (especially in Summer - talk about hot mess!). Because Rosy Cheeks is from their Fresh Face Mask range, it doesn't contain any preservatives so it needs to be kept in the refrigerator and used within 3 weeks. For me it's both a positive and negative thing because it has such an incredibly short shelf life you'll have to repurchase a fresh pot each month however, it works extremely well and I can see myself using this a tonne in Summer to keep shine at bay.

Do you have a favourite face mask by Lush?


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