Tuesday 20 August 2019

Makeup With Benefits

Disregard the fact that I'm about to sound like a war veteran, but back in my day (think '90s to early naughts) makeup was just makeup and there was nothing special about the ingredients. Fast forward to 2016 where makeup brands were beginning to infuse skin-loving ingredients into their formulas, and it is so great to see because we want to be able to look fabulous while caring for our precious skin. Nowadays, we can have the best of both worlds.


I noticed straight off the bat how dry the formula of this mascara is but it's not a negative thing at all - in fact, it's what you want if full lashes are what you desire. Each lash was completely coated in a single application which is amazing and the volume was definitely there! This mascara doesn't set my lashes like concrete thanks to the luxurious caring oils of argan, maracuja, marula and camellia so they feel quite soft. It doesn't smudge on me or flake throughout the day and now that I think of it, this formula does remind me of L'Oréal's Paradise Mascara which I thoroughly enjoy.


This has been my favourite foundation to wear during Summer because it always looks incredible even with the combination of my oily skin and sticky heat. The infusion of fresh peach and sweet fig cream provide a dose of hydration to the skin (hence the ultra comfy finish) whilst controlling oil and keeping me matte all day long without the fear of becoming a total hot mess (catch my in-depth review here). It gives me medium coverage but without the heaviness and the sweet scent is just heavenly!


I featured this gem in my New Beauty I've Been Swooning Over and it's not only perfect for reducing shine, it's also my go-to on bad skin days (today is one of them). The chamomile in the formula works to calm stressed out skin and the blend of zinc, sulphur and kaolin clay help to fight blemishes. It has a green tinge to the formula which helps to counteract redness for a more even complexion and I love the feel of the weightless gel-lotion consistency on my skin. Phytosphingosine (it's a mouthful!) is an ingredient used to treat acne, so I really like that I can wear makeup while fighting pesky breakouts without causing flare ups and spreading bacteria. Definitely a good primer to have in your makeup bag if you have problematic/oily skin like I do.


Nude by Nature's cosmetics are jam packed with natural ingredients and their beautiful lippies are by far my favourite from the range. You'll find vitamin e, kakadu plum (a native ingredient to Australia), shea butter and jojoba infused in their Moisture Shine Lipsticks for intense nourishment. 'Garnet' is a stunning deep red with high colour pay off and the creamy texture makes it an absolute dream to apply. Moisture shine indeed!


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