Tuesday 13 August 2019

Beauty Essentials for the Glow-Getter

Glow-Getter (noun): A driven individual who strives to achieve their goals while attaining a beautiful glow inside and out. I like to consider myself a glow-getter, however I do need a helping hand from my trusty beauty products so I can look absolutely radiant while crushing goals and winning at life. 


This looks like Summer in a compact and with a shade name like 'Havana Gleam', it is surely going to give your complexion that beach vacation glow. The powder itself feels luxuriously silky smooth in texture so it applies like a dream over the skin. It has the perfect balance between red and brown tones for that warm, kissed by the sun glow and it's not shimmery at all. This brings life back to my ultra fair complexion and it's just an overall lovely bronzer.


I love me an exfoliant - it feels so satisfying buffing away all of that dead skin to reveal a more brighter complexion that feels baby-soft. This particular face scrub contains 3 fine sugars that dissolve once massaged into the skin and the addition of grape seed oil (rich in vitamin e) instantly makes my skin feel much smoother. It's gentle yet effective and it also doubles as a lip scrub which is incredibly handy on days when my dry lips need some attention!


I've only just got around to trying Drew's products about a month ago (I dedicated an entire blog post to her brand here), and I was blown away by the quality! This highlighter is called 'Glow Getter' so of course I had to feature it in this post and it is simply gorgeous! What's great about this formula is you can wear it alone or mix it through your moisturiser, primer or foundation and it'll never feel heavy or sticky since it is water-based. 'Champagne Shimmer' has a slight pink tone to it and I am utterly obsessed with how my skin looks when I wear this - it truly does provide you with that lit from within glow and it is jam packed with light reflecting pearls so once the sun hits your skin, you will look like a glowing goddess!


I absolutely raved about this in my AM Skincare Routine and I cannot seem to put this moisturiser down. The smell of watermelon makes this such a pleasure to use but it's the way it magically reveals a more radiant, youthfulness to my skin that has me wanting to drench my face in the stuff. It's lightweight, oil-free and also enriched with hyaluronic acid which has that bouncy, plumping effect on the skin. I would honestly purchase this by the boat load, that's how much I adore it.


Guerlain's Perfecting Pearls really amplify the glow factor with the micro-shimmer particles for that illuminated finish to the skin, and it smells delicately of violets which gives me a vintage France vibe. It's a very luxurious primer and I love how smooth my skin feels when I wear this. It works beautifully as a base for makeup since it is so incredibly lightweight (almost like water) and although I'm not a fan of the price tag, it's still a lovely product to have in your stash.


What are your glow-getter essentials?

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