Tuesday 9 July 2019

Brand Focus | Flower Beauty

Flower Beauty has finally made its way onto Australian shelves and I am BEYOND excited to have a bunch of Drew's makeup products in my collection. The packaging itself is absolutely beautiful and I simply could not resist her eyeshadow and highlighter palettes because just like a magpie, I am also attracted to shiny and sparkly things (even though my wallet hates me for it). 


Full coverage, radiant, weightless and creamy is how this concealer is described and it sounds pretty amazing, but unfortunately the shade range is a huge let down (there's only 6 in total). I picked up 'Fair' and as someone who almost looks like the colour of snow, this shade is far too dark so I can't really use it without having to lighten it up and I honestly cannot be bothered to. I definitely agree with others who have also said that the shade range needs some serious improvement to cater to a wider range of skin tones all the way through to warm, cool, yellow, pink and deep tones. Until they release more shades, I can't see myself wearing this which is a shame because the formula looks lovely on the skin.


It's quite rare for a drugstore eyeshadow palette to blow my socks off, and for me this particular one blew them right off! Firstly, I am in love with the white packaging and gold accents (especially the floral outlines), and for the first time in drugstore history the eyeshadow brush included is actually of great quality. 'Golden Natural' is everything I look for in an eye palette with its warm neutrals and pretty shimmers and it does not disappoint. They all apply beautifully across the eye lids wet or dry depending on the intensity you desire, and the level of pigmentation is incredible! Although the only thing missing is a mirror you still get ten stunning shades, a fully functioning brush and gorgeous packaging for $14. It is an absolute must-buy and definitely bringing some competition to the drugstore.


A very cool concept having a matte lipstick on one end and a matching gloss on the other which is unlike anything I own. I was immediately drawn to the shade 'Melon Kiss' (warm nude-orange) and it is super flattering against my fair skin tone. The matte lippy is lovely and creamy while the pearlized gloss is surprisingly very opaque (you could totally just wear it alone), and it's not thick or sticky in the slightest. This will be a great lip duo to carry in my travel makeup bag or even to throw on when I'm in a hurry and wanting a no-fuss lip colour.


The super cute embossed camelia flower definitely caught my eye and I could not go past 'Peach Primrose' for that warm peachy flush to my cheeks. The texture of the powder is incredibly smooth and silky, so it blends like an absolute dream leaving you with a healthy hue that brings warmth to your complexion. It instantly brightens my makeup look and gives me such a youthful and fresh glow with a satin finish. I haven't been able to put this blush down I am that in love with it, so much so that I also bought myself 'Warm Hibiscus' which I am dying to wear when Autumn rolls around again.


In the pan these shades look creamy and feel it too (similar to Colourpop's Super Shock Highlighters with their buttery formula), but they are all powders and they sure do make your skin beam with radiance. The champagne shade is by far my favourite and I am SO impressed by the colour pay off! Again, the brush is very soft and it does the job nicely for a more subtle glow. I like my cheekbones to be seen from outer space so I layer the powder on using my fingertips for a reflective wet sheen. 100% worth the hype and an absolute steal!


Have you tried any products by Flower Beauty?

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  1. Flower Beauty is my favorite makeup brand! I love so many of the products you mentioned in this post! I recommend checking out the Galaxy Glaze lip gloss or the liquid blush bomb! The highlighting palette you mentioned is definitely a product I want to try soon too! Thanks for sharing! :)



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