Tuesday 23 July 2019

The Universally Flattering Lipsticks by Maybelline

At last, a range of lipsticks made to complement every skin tone and if there's one shade that I personally struggle with the most, it is definitely the good ol' classic red. Maybelline have come to our rescue by introducing Made For All Lipsticks from their Color Sensational line featuring six ultra-creamy matte and satin formulas in purple, pink and red tones.

If you're familiar with Maybelline's Color Sensational lippies then you know you're getting the same nourishing honey and shea butter formula with rich pigmentation that we all adore. Their aim with this range is to take out all the guesswork by creating universally flattering lipstick colours using specially selected pigments that have been tested on 50 diverse complexions (pretty huge right?).

The two shades that I can see myself wearing a bunch are 'Mauve For Me' (373) and 'Pink For Me' (376) and let me tell you, they both look absolutely amazing against my porcelain complexion - especially 'Ruby For Me' (385) which to my surprise doesn't make my teeth look yellow (hallelujah!).

  From top to bottom: 373, 376, 379, 382, 385 & 388.

'Red For Me' (382 - the only matte shade) and 'Ruby For Me' look extremely similar when swatched side by side except one has more of a pink undertone than the other. I didn't think 'Fuchsia For Me' (379) would be a shade I would particularly like, however it's quite wearable and perfect for springtime! 'Plum For Me' (388) is the epitome of Autumn and very vivid in colour.

It's safe to say that each six of these lippies look really flattering (on my skin tone at least!), so props to Maybelline for creating the ultimate shades that cater to a variety of complexions because it's not easy coming across your own perfect lip colour. 

Have you tested out this range? How do they look against your skin tone?

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  1. These lipsticks are looking so tempting. Love the swatches and now I want to get them all ��

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