Tuesday 2 July 2019

Fail-Proof Natural Makeup

Back in the day I would wear full coverage makeup when I would feel self-conscious about my problematic skin, but over time I've learnt to embrace it and I now only opt for a full coverage base on special occasions. Light, fresh and glowy makeup has been my go-to  look ever since and it is totally fool-proof. 


When I'm not using my beloved Age Rewind Concealer by Maybelline, I'll be wearing this brightening concealer pen (it's very similar to the YSL Touche Éclat but for a fraction of the price). I have dark circles under my eyes 24/7 no matter how well-rested I am (the joys of having pale skin) and even though this is a light coverage concealer, it does help to camouflage them slightly without looking too done up. I like to dab it in using my fingertips so it can melt into the skin for an undetectable finish and it also does a good job at disguising blemishes. A really easy, no-fuss concealer that takes no time at all to blend for a natural finish.


This cute pot of rose-scented goodness gives my cheeks the prettiest flush with a side of radiance. The baked powder formula is incredibly smooth and fine in texture so it blends seamlessly across the skin. Rose de Jaspe is a gorgeous shade of pink for a natural-looking pop of colour and it adds such a lovely youthfulness to your complexion.


Clever name aside, this brow mascara is amazing! I love ones that contain the little fibres because they help make my sparse brows look thicker and fuller, and I need all the help I can get! The wand itself is nice and small (like Benefit's ever popular Gimme Brow) which allows me to have more control without smearing it all over the place. It also has a lovely tint to enhance your brows and the product stays put all day long. A great way to frame your face while still keeping your look natural.


Revlon's foundations never really appealed to me until this beauty was released and it is all kinds of lovely. The consistency is quite thin, but the coverage is medium buildable with a natural finish that looks like a second skin and feels like I'm just wearing a moisturiser. Since I have an oily skin type, I need to ensure I prime well and lock it in place with powder to increase its lasting power as it is more of a dewy and creamy formula. If you have a normal-dry skin type I think you'll really enjoy their Candid Foundation and the fresh, glowy finish is absolutely beautiful!


I never get tired of wearing Lunch Money - it's just such a stunning pale gold that always looks flattering on the skin. Applied with a brush gives it a more soft and subtle glow whereas applying it with your fingertip will intensify it. The bouncy, buttery texture is one of my favourite things about Colourpop's highlighters (they feel like a cream but blend like a powder) and I can definitely see why this particular shade is so popular. Perfect for that youthful, lit-from-within look that we are always trying to achieve.


This is one of those swipe and go lip products and it works by reacting to the unique chemistry of your lips to give them a natural custom pink hue (it's essentially a colour adapting lip balm). It smells of marshmallows which is just delicious and it's super hydrating as well thanks to the mango butter infused formula. It's a great alternative to lipsticks and I like the way it gives your pout a subtle tint that looks so undetectable everybody will think it's natural. Pricey, yes, but a lovely lip product nonetheless.


A little bronzer will warm up the complexion for a natural sun-kissed look and lately I've been into this marbled number in 'Light Gold'. It's a baked formula so the micro fine pigments make it a dream to apply over the skin for that 'I just got back from vacation' glow. It also works a treat as an eyeshadow by sweeping it through the crease to add some definition which ties the entire look together.

What products do you use when achieving a natural makeup look?

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