Saturday 3 February 2018

January Favourites

Buh-bye January - the month that seemed to drag on forever and hello February - the month of lurve. For most people, January brought new resolutions and goals (which I hope are off to a wonderful start!) but for me, it was all about these four new beauties that have made an impact throughout the month. 


I featured the shade 'Black Currant' in my New Christmas Additions which is a gorg silvery-purple (it complements brown eyes beautifully!), but 'Creme Brulee' has been on my eyelids all month with its soft gold/champagne shimmery hue. It's perfect for lazy makeup days because it's as easy as blending it in with your fingertips and with a few coats of mascara, you are good to go! It wears amazingly well and it never creases or fades (which isn't a cute look). Really great colour selection and I think they're a must-buy if you prefer fuss-free, simple eyeshadow looks. 


This little guy was a pleasant surprise in my Look Fantastic Advent Calendar and it has easily become one of my new favourite facial moisturizers. The gel-cream formula is ultra lightweight but it hydrates the skin so well and leaves it feeling extremely soft. I love how quickly my skin drinks this up and the fresh grape scent is just lovely - especially in the summertime! Definitely keen to grab the full-size of this one and maybe even expand on my Caudalie skincare collection while I'm at it.


In no way do I even NEED a new mascara but to be honest, the packaging sucked me right in and I have zero regrets! This claims to provide your lashes with 13.7X the volume (which is an oddly precise number) but it works! The rubbery, spiky wand does a brilliant job at separating and defining my lashes and even after three coats they didn't look spidery, feel heavy or crunchy. I really like the little fibres as they help to volumize and lengthen my sad, droopy lashes so all in all I'm very happy with this mascara!


I was afraid of this stuff at first simply because if I made a mistake, I'd look ridiculous for three days straight (or worst case scenario it would rip off my brows) but the entire process went smoothly and I was left with nicely intact filled brows. This jelly is very easy to work with and after 20 minutes, you'll have bolder brows that look fuller and more put together. For optimal results, avoid using cleansers over your freshly tinted brows for 24 hours which ensures that the product doesn't wash away prematurely, and the results should last for a few days before fading. There's no need for brow mascaras or pencils and it's a heck of a lot cheaper than going to the salon!

How was your January?

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