Tuesday 13 February 2018

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Summer Beauty

I'm writing this post a little later than I initially intended but hey, it's still technically Summer for at least another two weeks so let's get this post rolling shall we?! Today we are talking lazy beauty where the products multi-task so you can look pretty and polished in no time this sunny season.


When it comes to foundations I much prefer one with a lightweight texture and natural finish during the warmer months. What makes this particular foundation so great is it's oil-free (which ensures I don't become a hot melting mess in the heat - yuck), non-comedogenic and contains an SPF of 17 to protect our skin from the harsh rays. Not only does it apply like a dream over the skin, but it's also infused with very fine golden shimmery particles that add such a beautiful radiance to your complexion that we all want to achieve for the ultimate Summer glow. It doubles as a foundation and illuminator and it works a treat! 


This is a primer, moisturiser and mask all wrapped up in one so if you have places to be and people to see, this will give your skin a quick pick-me-up for a more plump and brighter complexion. This cream is fast absorbing with a wonderful scent and doesn't feel heavy on the skin whatsoever. I like this A LOT and after I've squeezed every drop out of this sample, I'll be chasing down the full size! I can definitely see myself using this a bunch when I go travelling, and when I want to speed up my routine and can't be bothered using three separate products.


Look more put together in a flash with a coat or two of brow mascara which is one of my favourite lazy makeup products, because it requires minimal effort but gives you maximum results. The size of the wand is slightly larger than Benefit's Gimme Brow for example, but it's not so big and awkward that you're getting it everywhere except your brows. It coats your brow hairs nicely without it becoming a sloppy mess and it really helps to frame your face so no matter how lazy I get, this is a step in my routine I never skip because it makes a huge difference! 


If you simply don't have the time for a relaxing pampering bath experience, then you can bring it to you in the shower with this multi-purpose oil. Before rinsing, I will massage this into my skin until it emulsifies and transforms into a milky consistency and I'll be left with supple, nourished skin with no oily residue. Since I tend to get quite lazy with after shower moisturising, I find this to be a lovely alternative and the blend of ginger, lemongrass and orange essential oils is so very invigorating! The addition of calendula, jojoba and vitamins a and e really does wonders for my skin and I love that I don't have to run a bath every time I need some "me time" - I can just jump straight in the shower and enjoy a little spa-like experience at any time of the day. 


Gotta love a 2-in-1 lip and cheek colour! The glossy pink-toned hue of 'Signorita' looks so natural and glowy for the summertime and for a cream product, it doesn't feel too sticky or thick on the skin (or lips!). I like to lightly dab some over my cheeks with my fingertips and it instantly gives you a more healthy and youthful appearance. It's really easy to use and it's great for everyday, effortless looks when you want to wear makeup but cannot be bothered applying eight different products to your face. 


What are your lazy beauty products?

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