Thursday 24 March 2016

Bad Skin Day Rescue

I know what it's like to wake up one morning, take a look in the mirror and your skin has betrayed you. A lot of things can play a part in having a bad skin day. It could be due to stress, poor eating habits, unbalanced lifestyle or for us girls, that time of the month. I've put together 6 skincare products that really work for me in banishing those nasty breakouts and restoring my skin back to its healthy state.

First up is a facial scrub by St Ives and it's their Even & Bright exfoliant with mandarin and lemon. After I cleanse, I like to use an exfoliant about 3 times a week and it helps to polish away imperfections leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth. The citrus scent in this exofilant is so fresh and invigorating, perfect for mornings because it just wakes you up. The texture of the scrub isn't too gritty, it's in between mild and abrasive so it doesn't dry out my skin or cause any redness. The lemon and mandarine also help to brighten up my complexion, giving me a natural glow from within so my skin isn't looking so dull and lifeless.

Lately I've been loving the Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask by Formula 10.0.6, I really notice a difference in my overall look and feel of my skin when I use this face mask. It contains bergamot, sea salt and orange which smells lovely. Those 3 ingredients work really well to clear and brighten my skin. It has a tingling sensation on your skin once applied, I like that because it feels like it's really cleaning deep down in my skin. It has become one of my favourite face products that I'm definitely going to repurchase. 

This next product I'm about to mention is a true skin saver and it's Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion. It says to use it overnight so it can work it's magic while you sleep, however I stopped doing that when I would wake up with a swollen eye. My guess is that the product must be rubbing off on my pillow and then coming in contact with my eyes. So for that reason, I only use this product when I'm having a lazy day at home. I'm not sure if it's just me or others have experienced the same problem, but I wouldn't recommend using it overnight because of how strong the formula is. The actual product truly works wonders though! You dab your cotton swab into the pink solution at the bottom of the bottle and apply it over your pimples. Within the next day or two, you will visibly see a decrease in inflammation and the size of the pimple would have reduced also. It does an incredible job at shrinking cystic acne as well!

Another great spot treatment is the Rescue Me! Acne Blemish Treatment by Formula 10.0.6. It contains 4% sulfur which reacts well to breakouts on my skin. Sulfur isn't the most pleasant of scents but once you've applied it, you don't even notice it. It really helps to dry up blemishes and heal them at the same time.

I don't use face serums that often but when I do, I reach for the Midnight Recovery Concentrate by Kiehl's. There was so much hype about this serum and after all the positive reviews, I had to try it out for myself. It is such a beautiful serum and I can't believe how amazing my skin looks by morning. I can see why it was non-stop talked about! It just replenishes and restores my skin, making it feel smoother and look healthier all in one night. It is full of skin loving ingredients including lavendar essential oil (soothes irritated skin), evening primrose oil (rich in omega-6) and squalane (highly moisturising). It is also 99.8% naturally derived and paraben free. It is one impressive serum!

The last skin rescuing product I have to share with you is a moisturiser by The Body Shop. It is their Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion and it is simply amazing! Tea tree has antibacterial properties so it aids in healing blemishes, giving you a clearer complexion. This lotion is hydrating yet not too heavy or rich which I really like for my skin type and it absorbs very nicely into my skin. I also find it be really effective in helping to fade away existing acne marks. I've already repurchased a new bottle, it's my go-to night time moisturiser and perfect for blemish prone skin.

Those 6 skincare products are what help me get through my bad skin days and I hope you have found this post helpful!


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