Wednesday 6 December 2017

The Models Own Wonderland Palette

Not too long ago Models Own officially launched here in Australia (you can find them in Priceline) and as I hadn't really heard much about the brand, I thought what better way to familiarize myself with them than to get my hands one of their pretty eyeshadow palettes. I'll be going into detail about everything from the packaging to the formula and opacity of the shades where I'll also include swatches for reference.

I gotta say, I'm really liking the pearly white packaging with the holographic text on the very front - it's super cool and trendy! Inside this palette are 10 whimsical cool toned eyeshadows that are more shimmers and glitters than mattes, however you do get a good variety of light and dark shades for a bit of versatility. 

The shades are very beautiful to look at but the sad news is when swatched some of them weren't as opaque as others. 'Bliss' and 'Dream' (the two lightest shades) weren't picking up much product and blended away easily once applied to the eye lids. 'Dream' being a pale gold may work as a very subtle brow bone highlight, although it does have a strange indescribable texture. You would really have to layer the colours on to notice either of these shades and honestly, nobody has time to mess about with that. 

Not all shades in this palette turned out to be complete flops though so there is good news here! 'Angel' is a muted teal shade with a satin finish and it would look amazingly pretty on brown eyes! 'Ever Last' has this duochrome effect that looks very cool and has nice pigment to it. One out of the two matte shades I would get the most use out of and that's 'Eternity' (greyish-mauve). It just makes for a good crease shade and it blends well too so can't complain there!     

Left to right: Glory, Bliss, Sparkle, Joy, Ever Last, Dream, Eternity, Angel, Harmony & Paradise.

The shade 'Paradise' is also nicely pigmented and the darkest out of the lot. It resembles 'Tropic' by NARS in colour and with the tiny specks of glitter. Another shade I just know will get a lot of love is 'Joy' which is of course a brown toned colour because I'm a sucker for neutrals. This adds such a pretty shimmery finish to the lid which is intensified when you apply it with a wet brush. 

When it comes to drugstore eyeshadow palettes, I've found a lot of them to be lacking in quality and colour pay off and this particular one isn't perfect but it's better than most. The issue I have is that the textures and pigmentation levels are inconsistent where some of them barely show up on the eyes or they just blend away into nothing. Majority of the shades are actually lovely however, 'Dream' and 'Bliss' didn't impress me which is a shame because every palette needs a type of white. 

This is definitely not the worst palette I've tried but it's not bad compared to others on drugstore shelves. If you like cool toned eyeshadow palettes with plenty of shimmer then you might enjoy this. I think it's also a good one for beginners out there to have a play with before upgrading to the elite palettes like Anastasia Beverly Hills. 

Have you tried any of these Models Own palettes?

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