Monday 18 December 2017

A Look at my Fragrance Collection

I vividly remember my fragrance collection from years ago when my bedside table was filled with perfumes by Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, Mariah Carey, and not to mention Paris Hilton that I'm fairly certain are still hidden away somewhere. As I grew older, so did my personal style and I thought I would give you a look at my current stash of wonderful scents that I have on rotation. 


This is the latest addition to my collection that a friend of mine so kindly gifted me after eyeing it off for a good six months. After seeing our very own Cate Blanchett being an elegant beauty in the ads, I just had to hunt it down and give it a spritz. Giorgio calls it his "tribute to modern femininity, an irresistible combination of grace, strength and independent spirit" which is exactly how I would describe this beautiful fragrance. With notes like cassis nectar, musk and vanilla, it's such a warm scent that I like to wear during cooler temperatures. It doesn't have the best lasting power on my skin, but it does give me a solid five hours or so. The simple and elegant bottle would have to be my favourite and I especially like the gold ring around the nozzle - it's just a lovely little touch that makes it that much more precious. 


This has been my go-to nighttime scent for years now and I haven't worn anything else. For me it's sweet, spicy, edgy and sexy with notes of coffee, orange blossom, pink pepper and cedar. The dark bottle decorated in glitter has this glam rock look as well as a dark and mysterious vibe to it. It is quite a strong scent and can be overwhelming which is why I don't completely drench my skin in it but the longevity is fantastic! It also makes for a really great Winter scent and I always get compliments when I wear it.


The laurel wreath design on this bottle is simply gorgeous! My favourite thing about this perfume is the way it just boosts my confidence in the way that makes me feel like I can take on whatever the day brings. For me it's floral and sweet yet salty with base notes of sandalwood, ambergris and cashmere. It wears really nicely throughout the day and it's a winner in the springtime. It evokes strength, it's feminine and kind of sensual. Definitely recommend having a sniff of this one if you're looking for a new fragrance to add your collection.  


This was my very first step into the world of designer perfumes and boy is it a sweet one! It is not for the warm weather because it's purely like you're sweating caramel (gross!). However, I do love it in Winter since it is like a warm cozy night in with an indulgent delectable dessert. The lolly shaped bottle is just adorable and the scent lingers all day on me, and even through the next day if I've spritzed my hair or my clothing. I think younger age groups will really enjoy this fragrance but if sugary sweet candy scents are your thing then it'll be love at first sniff!

What's your signature scent?

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