Monday 11 December 2017

Review | John Frieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore

John Frieda is back with a brand spanking new hair care range targeted at fine, flat hair which is something I struggle big time with so I was mighty keen to give this line a try. I haven't had the best experiences with these so called "volumising" hair products but I kept an open mind and I'm here today to share my findings with you.


Protein Infused Shampoo ($18): Fine hair lacks the protein necessary for strength and power to hold style. This volumising shampoo with Protein-Strength Complex brings protein-deficient hair into balance. Strengthen fine strands to maximise volume and vitality.

Protein Infused Clear Conditioner ($18): Unlike traditional conditioners, this clear conditioner features an innovative clear formula with Protein-Strength Complex. Without heavy ingredients, this volumising conditioner detangles and weightlessly absorbs into each strand without coating it. For a new level of volume and vitality.  

Advanced Protein Volumiser ($18): Progressively strengthen hair fibres to create and keep volumised style with a soft, natural feel. With Protein-Strength Complex, this heat-activated hair volumiser transforms fine strands for stronger hair. Maximise hair's body and vitality with every use.


The metallic blue packaging is very cool with 250ml worth of product which is significantly less compared to your more affordable drugstore brands like Herbal Essences and Tresemm√©, so it's not a value for money type of product. However, John really does know his stuff when it comes to hair (being a celebrity hair stylist and all), so I personally don't mind spending that bit extra. The shampoo itself has a pleasant fresh scent to it and lathers up extremely well which is something I very much appreciate. It clarifies without overly stripping my long locks and leaving them feeling incredibly dry and tangled. 


I really need my conditioner to condition as my ends tend to become dry and I feel like this didn't do a whole lot of that but considering it's a volumising product, it's not really the main point of it. The consistency is unlike any other conditioner I've ever used - think of translucent hair gel and that pretty much sums it up! My hair wasn't detangled and it did leave a slight coating/film over my strands which can be a deal breaker for some. I will say that it did help give me the volume my flat hair craves so it did deliver in that aspect. 


The issue I face with many "volumising" serums is that heavy residue feeling and sometimes it drives me crazy to the point where I need to wash my hair all over again. This is one of those serums where you need to be careful of how much you apply, because it will make your hair feel somewhat crunchy and sticky if you overdo it. For me, one pump is plenty and I gently massage it focusing at the very roots of my hair. Because it's activated by heat, blow drying your hair afterwards is a step not to be skipped if you want the full volumising effects. The heat helps to melt the serum into my hair so it does feel mostly weightless and it definitely gave me that thickness and bounce. 


Honestly, I am surprised by the results this range has given to my flat hair. I have tried an abundance of affordable hair products that promise volume and thickness but none of them wowed me, so I was convinced that the only way that I would get those results is by dishing out big dollars on professional salon products. I like the fresh cucumber-like scent that carries through all three of the products and the shampoo does a hella good job at really cleaning my hair without over drying it. The conditioner doesn't do much in terms of conditioning and hydrating however, it does help with the volumising process so I'll definitely continue using it. As for the serum, I think it's amazing! It just boosts the level of thickness and lift for that luscious bouncy hair. This is the only line from the drugstore I have tried that has actually worked for me, so if you have fine limp hair (like myself) then I urge you to try it for yourself!

What volumising hair products have you tried?

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