Wednesday 13 December 2017

5 Things I've Been Loving Lately

Today I have a mix of bits and pieces that I am utterly busting to talk about and normally I would wait until the end of the month to share my recent loves (don't worry it's still going ahead), but why the heck not do a mid-month favourties too? 


So I was having slight withdrawals about not having bought any makeup for a good while (I implemented a spending ban with the exception of Christmas), but I was on the hunt for specific products to include in upcoming blog posts where I came across this cute new palette. It's called 'Be Kissed By The Moon' and it features 6 shimmery space inspired shades for the eyes and face. I don't typically wear a lot of shades like this but the colours really caught my eye and I thought they'd be perfect for an unworldly highlighted look for New Year's Eve. The level of pigmentation for a product under $10 is just fantastic and it will definitely leave you with a blinding glow!


Our trip up to the Yarra Valley last month consisted of multiple wine tastings with views to die for! While we were there we stopped in at the most incredible chocolaterie filled with ice cream, flavours upon flavours of chocolate and lovely tea blends. This calming blend contains roasted cocoa shells, camomile, spearmint, linden flowers and lemon balm which not only tastes delicious but it's also mind soothing. I love ending the day with a hot cup of tea and this particular one truly helps to wind you down after a chaotic day.


To be honest, I didn't succumb to the hype of this show at first and I know that may shock you, but I don't tend to watch television dramas and I just passed it off as being another one of those quintessential TV dramas. I gave it a chance and boy was I wrong! Admittedly, I  bawled after episode one and I was hooked! It took me a week of binge watching to complete season one and there were a lot of tears and heart-filled moments that I was not prepared for! I won't get into it because I'd hate to spoil anything for anyone but let me just say, the plot and cast are absolutely AMAZING and it is 100% worth the watch! 


For some reason I could not understand mules for the longest time and I thought they were just plain ugly. But something happened and suddenly I needed a pair in my life. Kmart are always on trend with the latest styles at crazy affordable prices and I managed to snag a pair to wear this season. They're ultra comfy and I love the gold bar detail as they have that high-end look to them. I like to wear them with pretty much anything - skirts, culottes, jeans, they're such an effortless and stylish shoe that make your outfit a little more put together.


Speaking of effortless, 'Drip' is one of those easy to wear sheer lipsticks that adds a lovely rosy mauve warmth to the lips. It's completely matte but not drying whatsoever and you can build it up to the intensity you desire. I've been loving this for day to day when I'm wanting a subtle hint of colour with my simple makeup looks, and it's just great for lazy makeup days or spontaneous outings. 


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