Friday 20 October 2017

The NYX Roll-On Shimmer + Swatches

On nights out when you're wanting to glam up and add a pop of sparkly goodness all over those beautiful peepers, these Roll-On-Shimmers by NYX are the way to go. I have five stunning shades from the range to share with you guys, and they sure know how to provide that wow factor to your makeup look! 

These shimmers aren't only for your eyes, they can also be applied all over your body (especially your collarbones!) for that extra lustre. 

The roller ball applicator is super easy to use and control how much sparkle you're in the mood for but it can be quite messy, so my advice for using it as eyeshadow is to prime those lids, apply glitter glue (to ensure it doesn't budge to avoid glitter panda eyes - eek!) and pack that shimmer on like no tomorrow with a flat eyeshadow brush for even distribution. 

Three lucky shades have been getting a lot more love than the rest and they are 'Salmon' (salmon pink with gold glitter), 'Mauve Pink' (pink with gold and silver glitter) and 'Walnut' (iced mocha with silver glitter). They have a decent amount of pigment to them and are totally wearable for day or night and if you're feeling creative, you can mix and match shades for a custom colour. The shade 'Pink' (lilac with silver glitter) looks just like fairy dust and would make green eyes pop! And if you LOVE looking like a bronzed goddess then 'Almond' is perfect for you, because it will leave you looking golden bronzed all Summer long with as an eye, face and body shimmer.  

From top to bottom: Almond, Walnut, Mauve Pink, Salmon & Pink.

I think these are great overall if you're willing to work with them a little bit, because there will be fallout and airborne glitter if you don't use a tacky eye lid primer. But the finished effect makes it incredibly worth the effort as it will take your eye makeup to the next level - like shimmer bomb next level! I'm genuinely impressed with all five shades and the pigmentation they offer, so if you're on the hunt for an affordable product to bring you a whole world of lustre then definitely take a look at this range!

Which shade has caught your eye?

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