Friday 13 October 2017

Review | Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumizing Paste

Lucky me received this deluxe sized jar in the Look Fantastic Birthday Beauty Box and I was beyond excited to just slather my hair in the stuff. What this product claims to do is deeply clean the hair whilst giving you immediate volume and thickness without weighing it down, which sounds absolutely perfect to me! After using this for a few weeks, it's time that I give you my honest opinion on whether this hits the brief or if it's a total flop.  


This unique paste contains a blend of pure rassoul clay and rose extract that transforms into an airy foam to bring immediate volume and thickness to fine hair without weighing it down. Hair is left with incredible body at the roots, while feeling full and light.


$61 (full size)


Look Fantastic
Adore Beauty

  • Use a tablespoon of the paste, rub in the palms of your hands, and apply all over wet hair.
  • With a delicate touch, make circular motions lifting at the roots until you feel the paste turn to foam.
  • Add a little water and rinse thoroughly. For an intensified effect, let it sit for two minutes before rinsing.


When you open the lid you are hit with this beautiful rose scent but when you actually look at the product itself, you see a really unappealing thick muddy paste with little girtty bits. I honestly thought it was a face scrub until I did my reading and I was thinking, 'this stuff is so strange and unlike any hair volumizer I've ever seen!'. I was super curious and skeptical at the same time because I have tried TONS of "hair volumizers" and I have been left feeling disappointed every time, but this one was different. 


You only need the smallest amount and it lathers up amazingly well - better than most liquid shampoos I have used and the rose scent makes it a spa-like experience, but in the shower of your own home. As I was gently rubbing it into my roots, I could already feel it working its magic so he was not lying when he said the effects were immediate! It did a great job at thoroughly cleaning my hair without sucking the life out if and leaving it feeling dry, so that is another big tick! 

Did it give my hair the volume it seriously needs? UH YEAH IT DID! And not just for a few hours, but the entire day! This is what blew my socks off - I woke up the next morning after sleeping on my hair and I still had volume. It didn't flatten out whatsoever and I could still feel the thickness and fullness of my hair. I also went out that day and got attacked by the wind, and normally that's game over but it made zero difference. My hair looked fabulously full and luscious! But wait, there's more! I washed my hair the following day (without the paste) and the volumizing effects were somehow still present (insert 'wow' speech bubble). 


Not a single hair product I have tried has come close to the results I am getting from this paste. It is truly remarkable how well this works and it has lived up to every claim from the immediate volumizing results to my hair not feeling weighed down, it truly works and it makes me so very happy. Yes, the price tag is quite hefty but with the very little amount required for each wash, 250ml will last you a good while! My long search in finding something to give me full and luscious hair is over, and I can honestly call this my holy grail. If you struggle with limp and flat hair, you need this magical jar of awesomeness in your life!

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