Wednesday 18 October 2017

My Essence Must Haves Palette

I've been seeing the customisable 'My Must Haves' palettes and eyeshadows at my local Essence stand (which is a fabulous idea!), but the shade range was limited and most of them didn't really appeal to me. That was until I cam across their 15th birthday 'Live, Laugh, Celebrate!' line and I was all over it in a heartbeat!

It was definitely the birthday cake display of makeup that captured my full undivided attention, and Essence sure know how to wow people with their eye catching colourful displays! I got my little paws on their blush titled 'Rhythm Of The Night' (shimmery soft pink), 'Life Is Beautiful' which is a frosty white eyeshadow and the four pan palette that has 90's nostalgia written all over it, and I am living for it! 

While I was at it, I picked up a few of their 'My Must Haves' eyeshadows in 'Mauve-Time!' and 'Black As A Berry'. The colour pay off on all fours shades are nice considering they're only $3 each (an absolute steal!) and for someone who doesn't wear heavy eyeshadow looks, it's perfect for me or even someone who is just starting out with makeup. 

I chose shades that were the most versatile for me - ones that I could wear day or evening, no matter the occasion. 'Life Is Beautiful' doubles not only as an eyeshadow but as a face  highlight, and it looks very beautiful once the light hits your skin. I had to have a matte colour in this palette and 'Mauve-Time!' makes for a lovely crease shade with 'Black As A Berry' all over the lid for a sultry/smokey nighttime look. As for that pretty blush, it just adds a nice pink hue to the cheeks without looking too over the top. 

    From left to right: Mauve-Time!, Black As A Berry, Rhythm Of The Night & Life Is Beautiful.

For daytime when I'm in the mood to up the anti on my eye makeup game, I will reach for 'Mauve-Time!' and with a light hand sweep that through the crease, add a touch of the blush shade across the entire lid and brighten up the eyes some more using 'Life Is Beautiful' in the inner corners and brow bones. 

For the price you're paying, I think these are quite nice in quality. Obviously they're not going to be as good as your Anastasia Beverly Hills or Too Faced, but they definitely do the job well and the texture of the colours are really soft which is always a plus. I love the idea of being able to mix and match shades to your liking, and it makes for a great travel companion as well. The little beads in the palette itself is so fun - I could play with it all day! I am seriously considering purchasing the larger palette with more shades because this is by far my favourite trend edition so far!

Have you gotten your hands on this range?


  1. I've never tried any Essence eye shadows but for the price they look really nice! I must try some soon!

    Emily xo


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