Wednesday 4 October 2017

14 Things To Love About Spring

I look forward to Spring every single year because nothing beats Spring blooms and warm sunshiny days. So for those of you in the southern hemisphere, here are 14 things to enjoy about this beautiful season.

1. Floral dresses
2. Picnics at the park
3. Bright and fun nail colours
4. Walking through the rose garden
5. Reading in the sun
6. The smell of blossoming flowers
7. Perfect warm weather
8. The sweet air
9. Road trips
10. Berry picking
11. Pink lipstick
12. Longer days
13. Sandals
14. Fruity cocktails

What do you love most about Spring?


  1. I love all of the above! Spring is my favourite time of year - the lead up to Christmas and holidays! I love being able to just go to the beach and relax with a book.

    1. Oh that sounds so lovely!
      I count down the days until it's time to bring out the Christmas decorations :)


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