Monday 18 September 2017

What's In My Makeup Bag | September

With the change in seasons, I hit the reset button and updated my makeup bag with some more appropriate springtime products. So this month it has been all about keeping my makeup looking fresh with lightweight bases and pretty peachy hues.


This little jar of amazingness pulls a disappearing act on my large pores and leaves my t-zone feeling as smooth as ever! The ultra velvety texture provides my skin with a great base for my BB cream and blends seamlessly across my face. Its mattifying properties helps to reduce shine throughout the day which is exactly what this oily skin needs, so it's a real winner in my books! 


The coverage for this reasonably priced concealer is pretty decent under the eyes and over blemishes. I was worried that it would look awfully cakey and crease like no tomorrow under the eyes, but it looked flawless and my incredibly dark circles were almost completely hidden - without the use of a corrector (which is a huge deal for me!). It blends beautifully into the skin with a damp makeup sponge, it feels light on the skin and it stays put all day long. It truly is a great buy!


'Bella Champagne' is quite a safe colour but I generally like to keep my eye look simple for day to day. I like to sweep this all over the lid with my finger and the shimmery finish just softly illuminates the eye lids. It's a pretty eyeshadow - nothing extraordinary so any neutral will do the trick if you prefer effortless eye makeup looks. 


Speaking of effortless, I present to you a powder-to-cream crayon on one end with a kabuki brush on the other (to softly tousle the hairs). It's a unique concept but I like it, and it literally takes seconds to fill and volumize my brows using this 2-step product. I feel like the longer I spend trying to perfect my brows, the worse the result which is why this is so fuss-free. 


I bought this on a whim and boy am I glad that I did because it has become a long time favourite of mine! The 'Matte' powder is completely invisible on the skin so it doesn't leave your face looking powdery whatsoever. 'Glow' is very pretty if you like a natural highlighted effect and it's also ideal for strobing if you're into the trend. Both baked powders are extremely fine in texture which would explain why they have such a luxurious silky feel to them, and it's just lovely for everyday.


Since eliminating all traces of dairy from my diet (let me tell you, it wasn't easy!), my skin has been looking much clearer so I don't feel the need to wear high coverage bases as often. After cleansing and all that jazz, I will squeeze a small amount of product and work it into my skin using my finger tips. It adds a light amount coverage so my skin still feels it can breathe and with an SPF of 30, I don't need to worry about the sun's rays burning me to a crisp.


This mascara is VERY black and the wand is quite large so you may have trouble applying it without making a total mess (especially on your bottom lashes). But for a drugstore mascara, it does the job and leaves my lashes looking longer and fuller which is all I really need. The formula is on the wet side of the scale so I find it easy to build up without it clumping and looking too spidery. Another thing worth mentioning is that it doesn't flake off during the day so that's always a bonus! 


I don't seem to reach for matte blushes much so I felt like this needed some love this month. 'Shy Beauty' (warm peachy-nude) is an ultra pigmented pressed powder blush so a light hand is the way to go! This shade really warms up my complexion but it's not too orangey which could be disastrous against my skin tone. If you have oily skin and your blushes just fade away into nothingness, then I highly recommend giving this range a try because they really do stay put.


I picked this little beauty up at Target while I was in the States and I have only just rediscovered my love for it. 'Caring Coral' is a very springtime shade that adds a sheer wash of colour with the texture of a lip balm. A really simple and wearable lip product to throw in your makeup bag for whatever the day brings. 

What have you been carrying in your makeup bag lately?

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