Friday 22 September 2017

A Beauty Anti-Haul

We all talk about the products we wish to own but never about the ones we wouldn't want to own. Sometimes I come across products that just don't appeal to me which could be due to the concept, the shade range in a palette or the high price tag (maybe even all three). A quick disclaimer; it's not that I think these four products are terrible in any way (I know they get a lot of love from others!), but I just don't see myself adding them to the cart in the near future and here's why.


I'll be honest, the title made me cringe slightly because the thought of having melted rubber on my lips sounds very off-putting. Now I fully am aware that it's not actually formulated with latex because that would be incredibly harmful (duh), but the consistency seems quite thick and looks unnatural on the lips. I personally feel like it's a bit gimmicky however, the idea of having liquid glossy lips all day long without having to reapply like you would a standard lip gloss is pretty cool and unheard of, so I will give them props for creating such a unique product.        


This stuff went Instagram viral and everyone wanted a piece of it so it was constantly sold out all over the web. The things I do like about this serum is the beautiful bottle of course, and the fact that it is absolutely loaded with wonderful ingredients like acai berries and vitamin C. Realistically, it's far too expensive for my budget and there are many other serums on the market that would do the job of brightening my complexion just as well. With the mythical theme being very on trend at the moment, I feel like it became too overhyped for that reason but I'm sure it's a lovely product nonetheless!


I have nothing against him or his brand, I just don't wear loud and out there eyeshadow looks so this palette is the total opposite of what I am all about. I will say that the colours look amazing and I've read that they are highly pigmented and blend like a dream. I'm not adventurous when it comes to my eye makeup (you guys know I love my neutrals), so neon pinks, cranberry and teal shades are way out of my comfort zone. But if you're a makeup artist/enthusiast who likes playing with colour and getting creative, then I think this palette is a great one to opt for.


As lovely as these lipsticks look, I wouldn't purchase these for myself simply because the idea of a liner and lip colour in one won't turn out so well with my thin lips. I'd be better off using two separate products to line and apply lipstick, so I wouldn't have a disastrous overdrawn lip situation (talk about hot mess!). I think these would be more suited to people with full, pouty lips where you'll get the full results of that pretty gradient effect of both lip liner and lip colour.

What products wouldn't you purchase?

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