Wednesday 13 September 2017

Travel-Friendly Makeup to Take on Your Next Trip

I don't know about you but when it comes to my travel makeup bag, I get very particular about what products to pack and which to leave behind. I consider EVERYTHING before I am perfectly content with my makeup bag because the last thing I want is to carry an expensive powder for it to shatter, an eyeshadow palette that isn't versatile for every occasion or a bronzer that is just too bulky which won't leave room for my favourite foundation. So here are a few bits and pieces that would be great additions to your travel makeup kit for your next vacation.


What I like most about this for travel purposes is the squeeze tube because it is less likely to make a mess than a shattered glass bottle, which would be an extremely unfortunate occurrence (oh the horror!). It's oil free and non-comedogenic so it would suit anyone with oily and breakout prone skin. The natural, fresh finish looks really lovely on the skin and you can build it up easily if you require extra coverage here and there. 


I received this deluxe mini as a birthday gift from Sephora in the shade 'paaarty' and it's such a perfect size for tucking into your makeup bag. The shade itself is a muted dusty pink that gives your cheeks a natural flush that won't clash with any of your makeup looks. A little goes quite a long way, it lasts all day on my skin and it's just a really great no-fuss blush to carry along with you on your travels. 


For me eyeshadow is an optional step in my makeup routine but when I do wear it, I will always opt for neutral tones. It's slim, compact and the 'rose' palette comes with 10 wearable shades for creating any look you desire for whatever mood you're in. The shimmers are absolutely beautiful and don't have that chunky glittery finish which I am not too fond of. The mattes are nicely pigmented and blend like a dream so this palette is fairly decent considering it's from the drugstore. 


This is of course the travel size and it's a must-have! I'm sure you've heard and read countless reviews on how loved this primer is by fellow makeup lovers, so it definitely deserves its cult status. It leaves my skin feeling velvety smooth and provides me with an amazing base for my foundation. The full size is hella pricey which is why I settled for the tiny one and I save it for special occasions only, so if you're a little hesitant on committing to the purchase the travel size will last you a good while! 

What products do you carry in your travel makeup bag?
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  1. I love ur blog. I always carry my liquid lipstick for touchups and kiko mattifying powder.

    1. Thanks Savana! Oh I'd love to try Kiko products :)


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