Friday 29 September 2017

September Favourites

The first month of Spring has whizzed by which still felt like Winter, but it definitely is beginning to warm up! I surprised myself a little when I realized that there isn't a single makeup product in this monthly favourite post, and that's mainly because I haven't been wearing much of it and if I did, it's been the same products on rotation. I have a few skincare bits that I've been enjoying as well as a book that is a bit different for me, so here is a look at what I've been loving this September. 


I have just about run out of my charcoal peel off mask which did effectively pull out those pesky blackheads, but I felt like using using something less messy and less time consuming which is where these guys come in. I get blackheads all over my t-zone and it's kind of gross, so I've started using these every 1-2 weeks and I forgot how great they are! After cleansing, wet your skin, apply the sticky strips, let dry for 15 minutes until stiff to touch and remove. It's incredibly satisfying seeing how much dirt and grime these pull out and my skin feels a heck of a lot smoother! So if you have a blackhead situation, these are a must-buy!


I had been searching for a really relaxing activity to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon and I had heard such wonderful things about Johanna's adult colouring books. The illustrations are amazingly beautiful and extremely detailed so I spend hours at a time just quietly colouring which I find to be super calming. There are also pages that require completing which gets your creative/arty side involved, and I think it's great for colouring enthusiasts or even for something fun to do together with the kids.


For a while I was getting these tiny zits mostly on my forehead region and it was really frustrating so I figured it may be due to clogged pores (sigh). I was on the hunt for a budget-friendly, non-comedogenic moisturiser and this particular one ticked all the boxes. Tea tree is known for multiple skin benefits (like its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties), which makes it especially great for blemish prone skin. I love the added ingredients of rosehip and vitamin e which hydrate my skin brilliantly! It has more of a creamier consistency so I prefer using this in my nighttime skincare routine and I have found the solution to my problem! 

What products did you end up loving this September?

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