Monday 25 September 2017

6 Beauty Products That Did Not Impress Me

The perks of being a beauty blogger is having an excuse to try a whole bunch of different products to then report my findings with you guys. Along the way I have discovered some fabulous products that I consider to be my holy grails, and then there's the ones that didn't quite meet my expectations and have been shoved to the back of the pile. So today I bring you 6 beauty products that I'm sad to say, are a bit of a miss for me. 


I know some of you would agree that Batiste make a hell of a good dry shampoo! I've tried a fair amount of different dry shampoos and while some have come mighty close to my loyal Batiste, I still have not found one equally as effective. This particular one by Tresemme truly let me down and to be blunt, it's just plain awful. The entire purpose of dry shampoo is to have that freshly washed hair feeling, but this just made my hair feel like I used hairspray all over. I feel like all it did was add unwanted texture and a fresh scent but didn't really absorb any oil from my hair, which kind of defeats the purpose of dry shampoo. I wasn't a fan of how it left me hair feeling at all, but I will say that it did leave my locks smelling fresh and citrusy which was nice so that's a positive. 


I bought this purely for a blog post a while ago and the mirrored gold compact is beautiful along with the shade. 'Petal' looks like a very soft silvery pink and the reason why it didn't impress me is I cannot pick up any sort of pigment on my brush or finger, so I'm not sure if I got a dud but it's virtually unusable which is a shame. 


To be brutally honest, this is Rimmel's worst foundation and I really wanted to like it because who doesn't want fresher skin? This was one of those foundations where as soon as I applied it, I had to remove it immediately. No matter what applicator I used, it just refused to sit on my skin and it would look extremely patchy and uneven. I know others have experienced the same thing so I know I'm not alone, but this was a total fail and I wouldn't recommend it. If you were to purchase one of their foundations, I would say go for their Lasting Finish or Match Perfection instead.


I was super excited to finally try this after reading an abundance of positive reviews so my expectations were pretty high. Unfortunately, this product sucked all the moisture from my hair by stripping it all back which resulted in incredibly dry and knotty hair. Even though it did do a great job at cleaning and clarifying, I just found it to be way too harsh and the conditioner didn't really help either. I wish I could understand the hype but it just doesn't work for me. 


You guys know how much I love L'Oreal's products, but every now and again I do come across some misses like this mascara. It's possible that I'm using it incorrectly but all this does is smear mascara all over my lashes which is less than ideal. The wand is quite unusual in the way that there's only bristles on the sides and nowhere else. The bristles aren't combing through my lashes or separating them whatsoever which leaves me with wet, black, stuck together lashes. It's just too fiddly for me and I don't really like the concept behind it. 


Similar situation to the Clarins eyeshadow except a touch more colour pay off. It has this awful strong powdery scent that's a little off putting and the quality itself isn't quite there either. The colours themselves look lovely and I like that it's a 3-in-1 which makes it convenient for travel, but they don't offer much pigmentation and overall feels cheaply made. On the plus side, I do love their Pro Conceal!

What do you think of these products?

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