Wednesday 26 July 2017

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I will admit, I get lazy with serums but I've been easing myself back into using them as of late by incorporating them into my daily skincare routine. I do feel that serums majorly benefit the skin and they target all kinds of skin concerns, so here are my top three that I have on rotation.


When The Ordinary launched at Priceline earlier this month, I almost ran just to get my hands on one of their much talked about serums. I have blemish prone skin along with oiliness  and congestion so I've been applying this day and night prior to moisturising. I just love the simplicity of the packaging and the frosted glass bottle feels very luxe for the price point. This serum is still very new to me so I am yet to see results, but I will definitely keep you guys posted! 


I've been reaching for this one by Kiehl's more and more during Winter as it boosts my overall complexion by making it look healthier and brighter. It's not a heavy or greasy serum which is one of the things I love about it, so it absorbs into the skin nicely without leaving any residue behind. Somehow it transforms my skin overnight and I'm left with soft, supple skin by morning. It's also a great multipurpose serum for helping to soothe sunburn and relieving stress. 


This stuff is actually fantastic and I've been using it on and off for a few months now. A lot of anti-aging products I've tried in the past haven't wowed me in any way, until this one. I saw results within a week of usage (morning and night) and my skin always felt so smooth after application. The consistency is almost like water so it sinks into the skin within seconds, and it improves my complexion by making it appear more youthful. I like to use this serum in conjunction with their Eye Illuminating Serum (full review here) and they both work amazingly well!

What are your favourite serums?

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