Monday 17 July 2017

20 Things to Love About Winter

This might shock you but I actually don't mind Winter at all. Which in a way shouldn't be right because what's there to like about dreary, rainy and cold weather? Yes the weather is grey and super depressing, but there are many things to enjoy about the season like hot chocolates with marshmallows, cozy knitwear and lazy weekends.

1. Bonfires 
2. Hot Winter cider
3. Sitting by the fireplace
4. Pyjamas all day
5. Hot soup
6. Movie nights
7. Cozy jumpers
8. Hearty stews
9. Fuzzy socks
10. Hot chocolate
11. Cuddling up
12. Ice skating
13. Tobogganing
14. Mulled wine
15. Rugging up
16. Trees covered in snow
17. Bubble baths
18. Toasting marshmallows
19. Vampy lipstick
20. Slippers

What do you love about Winter? 

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