Wednesday 5 July 2017

A Winter Makeup Menu

I actually don't mind Winter at all, even though as I'm typing this my hands feel like icicles. This season can wreak havoc on your skin/makeup routine which is why it needs a good refreshing to combat everything it throws at it. This Winter makeup menu is all about products that will brighten the most lackluster of skin (after the cold air just sucked the life right out of it), and keep it well hydrated to withstand those low temperatures.


Rimmel's Match Perfection is a re-purchase of mine (since the previous bottle I had was way past its expiry), and it's one that I love to wear during this season purely for its moisturising properties. Its lightweight, breathable formula feels super comfortable on the skin and it also leaves a nice radiant finish that instantly brightens your complexion. It does have an SPF of 20 which is great for daytime use, but I would opt for a foundation that doesn't have any for nighttime just to avoid major flashback. This does two things that I need a foundation to do in the wintertime and that is hydrate and brighten, so this is an absolute winner in my books! 


Blush is a must for me in Winter because without it I look as pale as ghost, so a generous sweep of 'Orchid Charm' by Revlon on the apples of my cheeks gives me a healthy mauve-pink hue. It is quite sheer but it can be built up to the intensity you desire and I just love the soft satin finish it gives me as well. 


When I first saw 'Luna Pearl' by Sally Hansen it just looked like your typical white shade but upon closer inspection, it's actually very unique. It has this mesmerizing purple-pink iridescence swirling through the pearly white formula that looks so beautiful and totally Winter-like. I was worried that it would look streaky with a lack of opacity, but the formula has definitely improved and it looks just stunning on the nails.


I'm generally not a cream highlighter kind of girl, but I liked the idea of applying it on areas where I want to enhance the glow factor prior to foundation. Hailey Baldwin for ModelCo's 'Spotlight' provides a subtle frosty white luminosity to the skin without the shimmer effect. It blends seamlessly into the skin and it just looks like you are glowing from within. Surprisingly, it doesn't have that thick or greasy texture that some cream products have so I really appreciate that!


'Vineyard' from Revlon's Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor range is this gorgeous muted berry tone that I think suits this season wonderfully! These are extremely moisturising with intense pigmentation and apply like a dream over the lips. Thank goodness for hydrating lipsticks to protect our pouts from those harsh cold winds! 



  1. That rimmel match perfection was the very first foundation I tried and it was quite nice. It gave good coverage and lasted well.

    1. I agree :) It was also one of the very first foundations I started using.


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