Thursday 13 July 2017

Products That Have Impressed Me This Year So Far

Being a beauty blogger (and makeup junkie!) means I am always on the hunt for new products to trial and feature on the blog, because nothing excites me more than discovering a new love and being able to share it with you all. Now that we are just over half way into the year, I wanted to talk about the good handful of products that have wowed me throughout the past six months of 2017.


I came to the conclusion (after trying so many) that anti-aging serums are all talk and no results. That was until I gave this serum from their Advanced Génifique range a go and I truly believe that it works! The consistency feels almost like water and it absorbs into the skin in a heartbeat. It somehow smooths out my skin and my complexion just looks more plump and radiant (I go more in depth here). I Definitely recommend going to your local Lancôme counter for a sample, because I personally think it's an amazing product.


A couple of months ago I made my very first Colourpop order (about time right?!), and I was over the moon about the products I purchased because they all met my high expectations. 'Wattles' is on their best seller list so I snagged it and I can totally see why it's so loved by many. It's a gorgeous beige-pink with a satin finish and I love sweeping this over my entire lid when I'm going for a simple makeup look.


I thought for sure this primer was a gimmick because how could it possibly blur your complexion for that Photoshopped soft-focus finish? I still don't know the answer to that, but some kind of magical ingredient in this formula is doing something right because it lives up to the claims! My skin feels like velvet in the way it just smooths everything over, it fills in my pores and my complexion looks somewhat airbrushed. I also love that it contains Vitamin E, Argan and Rosehip oils to keep the skin hydrated. I am very fond of this primer and I think it's definitely worth the price tag!


Couldn't resist picking up a whole bunch of their more wearable shades like 'Mauve Over!' which is a very pretty "my lips but better" colour. The formula of these lipsticks absolutely blew me away with how effortlessly they apply over the lips, and the colour pay off is top notch. If there's one thing Rimmel do exceptionally well, it is lipsticks for sure!


Bourjois have reformulated and repacked this foundation and I think it's fantastic for the price you're paying. I won't go in too much detail (you can find my full review here), but I will give you a quick run down on what I love about this foundation. It gives me a flawless base and a boost of radiance that makes my skin look so healthy. I've been wearing it a ton this Winter because of how hydrating and comfortable it feels on the skin. It truly is a must-buy.


I will admit, I was skeptical at first (like with most anti-aging products) but again, this works brilliantly so I think it's safe to say that I'm a big fan of their Advanced Génifique line. The very fine shimmery particles in the formula instantly brighten up your under eyes for a more youthful appearance, so you look like you had a good restful sleep (fake it 'til you make it right?!). It helps to smooth the under eye area and reduce puffiness as well which is exactly what I look for in an eye serum.


Another one by Colourpop that has impressed me is 'Lunch Money' (pale gold). Probably the most velvety and buttery highlighter I own and it looks so flattering on the skin, especially when the light catches it. It isn't a glow that can be seen form space, but it's perfect for softer makeup looks. It's not a chunky glittery highlight which I appreciate - it's more of a luminous sheen that looks stunning


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