Friday 28 July 2017

5 Maybelline Lip Liners to Try

I have a tendency to skip lip liner all together and go straight for the lipstick (except when it comes to a bold red), and I think that's mostly due to the fact that I don't have many to begin with. So I had a browse through Maybelline's stand and picked up a handful of their Color Sensational Lip Liners to feature in today's post, where I will also include swatches and go into detail about the overall products. 


The type of lip liners I usually go for are the mechanical type simply because it eliminates the hassle of having to constantly sharpen them. I purchased three lovely shades from the range - 'Pink Coral', 'Nude Whisper' and 'Magnetic Mauve' (which I am already obsessed with wearing in Winter). They're all very true to colour and have fantastic colour pay off that does not budge one bit. I really appreciate the formula being creamy because there is nothing worse than a dry/scratchy lip liner. Just thinking about it is making me cringe! These really do apply like a dream and provide your lips with a great base for your lipstick, so you'll have a perfectly vivid pout all day long.

From top to bottom: Red, Nude Whisper, Magnetic Mauve, Nude & Pink Coral.


A little more cost friendly and still delivering wonderful results in preventing your lippie from feathering (which is totally not ideal!). You cannot go wrong with a classic 'Nude' and 'Red' and both apply nicely with the help of Vitamin E in the formula. I like to outline my natural lip line and fill them in entirely, and then follow up with a lippie to extend the wear of it. For under $10, these do a fabulous job but the only downside is the very limited shade range. A part from that, these aren't bad at all and I think they would be amazing for anyone starting out with makeup.


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  1. I haven't tried a Maybelline lip liner before but these sound really good and I love the colours! x


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