Tuesday 9 January 2018

The Gigi Hadid x Maybelline Collection

After a little hiatus during the Christmas and New Year period, I'm back to kick the year off with a brand new blog post! I've seen many negative opinions around the web about this range being subpar and not being worth the hype or money, and since I was gifted a bunch of Gigi's products last Christmas from her East Coast Glam and West Coast Glow, now is a better time than ever to give you my thoughts and feelings on this collaboration. 


You get an even mix of mattes and shimmers throughout this palette which is a pleasant surprise because more often than not, you'll find an abundance of shimmers and only a few matte shades when it comes to drugstore eyeshadow palettes. The colours themselves are simply beautiful although they could do with a little more pigment. I've found that the shimmery tones are best applied with your fingertips to get them to really stand out, and the mattes do the job. I particularly love 'Off Duty' (pale gold), 'Butterfly Lane' (matte mauve) and 'Gi-Force' (shimmery pink). I think it's a lovely palette if you're somebody who prefers subtle eye looks, and I can definitely see myself getting good use out of it for day to day.


'Lani' is a stunning rich cherry red shade that I am legitimately obsessed with and just like all of Maybelline's lippies, this too is incredibly creamy in texture that glides on effortlessly over the lips. I'm just waiting for the right occasion to slap this baby on because this is a statement lip colour that will have your confidence soaring! This lipstick shade along with the corresponding lip liner are probably my two favourite things and I think if you were to buy something from the range, then they would be it! 


Creamy, soft and pigmented is exactly how I would describe it which is all I ever want in a lip liner. 'Lani' applies like an absolute dream and it just extends the longevity of the lip colour so I don't look like a straight up hot mess. I like to slightly overdraw my natural lip line and fill them in completely before I swipe on a few coats of the matching lipstick. Maybelline have always impressed me with their lip products and this one is no exception! 


An iridescent illuminator? Yes please! I am a TOTAL sucker for this ethereal iridescent trend and this highlighter is a spot on representation of it. It's a pearly pink and purple shade that gives your complexion a youthful radiance and it feels very lightweight on the skin. My favourite way to use liquid illuminators is either all over bare skin prior to any foundation or mixing it in with a CC cream for a natural glowy look. You could also dab some on over your cheekbones and then layer on a powder highlighter to intensify your glow factor. 


The purpose of this palette is to define and deepen to enhance your eyes, and I think that's a really great concept! It comes with five matte shades for highlighting your brow bone and inner corner, adding definition to your eye crease and deepening up your lash line and outer v of the lid. The one thing I'm not liking about this palette is how narrow the pans are because it makes it a tad tricky to get your brush in there, but a part from that it's not a bad palette at all! It sort of gives me an Urban Decay Naked Basics vibe, so if you're a fan of that then I think you'll like this too!


Out of all five products, I can't say that I truly disliked any of them. I think the quality of the eyeshadows could've been better but then again, Maybelline don't really produce the greatest eyeshadow palettes (in my opinion anyway!). I adore the beige and iridescent packaging although it does feel a little cheaply made. The two lip products are by far the winners here with their opaque, creamy formula so I would highly recommend those! The eyeshadows aren't awful by any means but I wouldn't say they're a must-have, and the illuminator is very pretty if you like liquid highlighters. It's a nice collection overall, but I do think it's slightly over-hyped because it's nothing overly exciting (unless you're a huge Gigi Hadid fan!) or anything you can't already find at the drugstore. 

What's your opinion on the collaboration?
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