Thursday 18 January 2018

The 2017 Look Fantastic Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are just one of my many favourite things about the holiday season because you get a surprise treat each day you move closer to December 25. I was researching beauty advent calendars and this particular one had an extremely positive reaction from their previous calendars, and that was more than enough for me to smash that 'add to cart' button! For today's post, I have gathered all my most-loved bits from this calendar to share with you and I'll also be giving you my thoughts on whether or not it's worth the purchase.


First of all let me just start off by saying, this smells absolutely divine! If it were sold as a perfume, give me six bottles! Its non-greasy, water-like consistency makes my skin happy because as a gal with an oily skin type, the last thing I want to apply is a heavy pore clogging face serum (cringe). Along with rose oil, it's also infused with vitamins a and c as well as nourishing almond oil to help brighten your complexion. I haven't used this enough to know whether or not it does what it claims, but so far I am thoroughly enjoying this product. 


I own their Wild Rose Moisturising and Brightening Cream (for oily to combination skin types) and it's perfect for the cooler months when my skin is in need of a hydration boost. This sleeping facial works in a similar way with its intense moisturising properties of rose oil, hyaluronic acid and vitamin c. It helps to nourish and brighten the skin while you're catching up on your beauty sleep to reveal a much more softer, smoother and luminous complexion. A really lovely nighttime treat for your skin for when it's feeling dry and lacklustre. 


Day one brought me this gorgeous lipstick and I cannot get over the marbling - it's almost too pretty to use! 'Vixen' is an opaque red-brown shade that has Autumn written all over it and leaves a smooth, satin finish on the lips. This is THE most unique lip product I own so I'm pretty chuffed to have this in my collection.


Speaking of unique, this face mask isn't your typical kind. With most face masks you just slap it on and wash it off after 20 minutes, but with this one you need to massage it into the skin to activate the exfoliating fruit and lactic acids. It's a spa-like experience and the sweet fresh scents of rose, chamomile and passion fruit is SO beautiful! It has a really thick jelly-like consistency which scared me at first because that is the complete opposite of what I want to put on this oily skin of mine, but it left my face feeling incredibly smooth and I just know my skin will adore this come Winter. This stuff is hella pricey so it's definitely one of those treat yourself products, but I honestly think it's worth every cent!


This brand is completely new to me but my gosh did it wow me! It's the winner of the prettiest face mist I've ever laid eyes on and it feels very luxurious to hold. Something that absolutely blew me away was the fact it was inspired by the world's first recorded perfume, formulated for Queen Elisabeth of Hungary in the 14th century. This is some seriously precious stuff and I feel like I should display it in a glass case (but I won't 'cause that'll be weird right?). I have never spritzed a toner with a mist that so fine that you can barely feel it so I really appreciate that, and the aroma of orange blossom and rose is ultra refreshing. I fell in love with this toner immediately and I cannot wait to use this more often during cooler temperatures.      


What I love most about this body wash is how it smells like you've just walked into a flower garden on an exotic luxury escape. The notes are ginger, tuberose, cedarwood and white lily and it is utterly heavenly! It's spicy, floral, fresh and it just makes you want to jump on a plane straight to Tahiti. But the best I can do is pretend I'm there when I'm lathering my skin in this liquid goodness and it's actually very moisturising as well. This is like Polynesian islands in a bottle and I am living for it!  


Caudalie have been on my list of brands to try for a while so I was thrilled to find one of their products in this calendar. It hydrates my skin enough without leaving any greasy residue behind and the way it softens and smooths is amazing! This cult classic gel-cream has a super light and airy texture that my skin just soaks up instantly, so I think it's safe to say that this moisturiser is a huge winner in my books! I would 100% purchase the full size of this without hesitation!


Another brand that I have heard nothing about so I wasn't sure what to expect with this palette. But I have to say, I'm mighty impressed by the overall look, feel and quality of these eyeshadows! The packaging has a matte black finish (similar to NARS), comes with a good sized mirror and a dual ended brush (which we all tend to throw away because let's be real, they suck), but this one is surprisingly decent so I'd gladly use it. You get five wearable neutrals in ranging from light to dark with a mix of mattes and shimmers, and the colour pay off is quite nice. I can see myself tucking this palette into my travel makeup bag on my next adventure simply because a) I'm a neutrals gal and b) it's compact and I have everything I need to create a day to night eye look. To be honest with you, as lovely as it is I don't think it's worth $50, so if you were looking to purchase it I would spend the extra $20 and invest in an Anastasia Beverly Hills palette instead.


Christmas Day's magical reveal was a wonderful surprise with this 3 piece set of glowing, shimmery gorgeousness. Inside is the Glow Booster in 'Peach Gold', Beauty Blush Duo in 'Peach Honey' and the Lip Lift Max in the shade 'Honey Sheen'. The blush and highlighter are fab but unfortunately the lip gloss is all it really is. I liked the minty tingling sensation but in no way did I notice any plumping effects so that was a bit of a let down however, it does a great job as a simple lip gloss because it's not thick or sticky and the subtle golden shimmer looks rather pretty if you ask me! 


For $120 you got a beautifully illustrated case of an enchanting wonderland theme, with drawers and a mirror filled with 9 full sized beauty products and 16 deluxe samples. There were a fantastic variety of products and it's an awesome way to discover, try and fall in love with new brands. I like how practical the case is so you can store all of your new beauty treasures and use it as a vanity for all of your other bits and pieces too. Overall, I am thoroughly impressed by this advent calendar and I would highly recommend it if you or a loved one is a beauty junkie (like myself!). It's pretty much a Christmas present in itself and I would hands down purchase one of these again when the holiday season comes around. I am extremely happy with the entirety of this advent calendar and I would rate it a solid 10/10!

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