Friday 24 March 2017

What's New In My Makeup Stash | March

There have been quite a lot of new releases at the drugstore lately which is always exciting when you're a beauty blogger. Some of these products are fresh on the shelves while others are just new to me, so let's get a closer look shall we?


I originally thought this was an illuminating primer but it's actually used over makeup to add some radiance to your complexion. It has such a beautiful and lightweight consistency so it doesn't feel sticky or greasy on the skin which is great. I like to use it to highlight my cheekbones and it gives you a lovely subtle 'glow from within' appearance, but if I'm looking to intensify the glow factor I will lightly dust a highlighting powder over the top. I also love that it's formulated with jojoba oil because it benefits the skin greatly. Definitely happy with this one, and I can see myself using this a bunch in Winter when my skin is looking a bit lackluster.

Even though pink is my favourite colour (for as long as I can remember!), it's not a colour I wear much at all. But I've been liking the shade 'Never Bare' for when I'm going for a natural day time makeup look as it adds a nice pink hue to my lips that isn't too pale. It feels incredibly light on the lips to the point where you forget you're even wearing a lip colour. They do transfer quite easily, especially if you're eating and drinking but I'm not bothered by that at all. I think these are super cute and perfect for carrying around in your handbag as well!

This range is quite new to the drugstore and they're similar to their Ultra HD Lipsticks in terms of formula (which I love). 'Dawn' is a gorgeous deep pink-nude that has very small specks of shimmer throughout that adds dimension the lips so they appear fuller. The pigmentation is lovely and they apply so smoothly. I really like how slim these lip colours are simply because those of us who aren't so blessed with full lips it makes it a heck of a lot easier to apply. The metallic packaging is stunning and overall I think these are really nice lip colours.

I wasn't sure about the bronzer shade at first as it looked very orange toned (for my fair skin anyway), and it kind of is which is not ideal. But with a light hand it warms up my complexion beautifully and it blends like a dream, so it's not terrible at all. The finish is completely matte but I like that you can mix it with the shimmer brick side if you are wanting to look like a radiant bronzed goddess. It's a good little palette - it gets the job done and it'd be handy for travelling as it has your bronzer and highlighter all-in-one.

The more products I try from Nude by Nature, the more I fall in love with them and the luxurious rose gold packaging is to die for! I picked up the shade 'Champagne' and I find the best way to use highlighting sticks is applying it to the face from your finger just so it doesn't disturb or wipe away your makeup. The glow it gives is truly beautiful and it's not a shimmery glow either so it looks more natural on the skin. I love the cream to powder formula but most of all, I love that it contains native Australian ingredients that help to prevent free radical damage. If you're new to the brand, I highly recommend checking out their products. 


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