Wednesday 22 March 2017

Free Apps for Editing Blog Photos

Apps have had major upgrades over the years with a wider range of tools and  features that allow anyone (skilled or not skilled), to edit photographs without the use of complex professional grade software that can be very overwhelming. Here are my top 5 free mobile apps that are user friendly and easy to navigate, so you can enhance your photos efficiently and effectively.  


Allows you to make standard adjustments like altering the brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness levels of your photo. But what I mainly use this app for is the focus tool. If I'm wanting to create that blurred background effect (without the DSLR camera), this tool does a great job at that. It has many other features like adding text, effects and stickers for a little bit of fun. 


A super simple app to use which makes it fantastic for editing on-the-go. It pretty much has everything you need from really fun effects to overlays that are so quirky, and of course your overall adjustments like exposure, shadows and temperature. I just love the hi-def tool because one touch is all you need to amp up the quality and crispness of your photo. It also has the option to remove red eyes and blemishes which is always handy.


This particular app is one that I use on the regular and it's very well received by users. It's amazing at tuning and selectively brightening your image (my two most used tools) and you have thirteen filters to choose from if you're feeling creative. I really enjoy the preset text feature as they have a good selection of fonts and styles to suit your photo. It's so easy to edit like a professional with this app and it allows you to have full control over your image.


I use Snapseed along with this app daily to edit my photos to the best of my ability. The clarity, reduce noise and defog tools are the ones I like to use as they help to eliminate the graininess and improve the overall quality of my image. It's also fantastic for increasing the exposure and sharpness. It's just like a mini Adobe Photoshop in your pocket.


If you're all about that selfie life then this app is the one to download. Not only does it perfect your complexion by erasing blemishes and smoothing everything out when you're having a bad skin day, but it also has a makeup feature that applies a sultry, modern or subtle makeup look to your selfie. Believe it or not, but they actually look amazing and it somehow detects where your facial features are incredibly well. Definitely a must-have if you're a big selfie taker.

If you're new to photography and editing, just have a little play with different apps and their features until you master it and discover what works for you. You'll soon be able to edit images of professional quality.

What are your favourite blog photo editing apps?

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