Friday 3 February 2017

What's On My Vanity

I like to keep my vanity clutter-free because not only is it a place where I apply and store my makeup, but it's also my work station where I photograph and write my content for this blog. So here is a look at what's on my vanity.


My journal is where I jot down notes and ideas about everything blog related. I'm the kind of person that if I have a light bulb moment, I have to write it down asap otherwise I'll simply forget. Especially when I'm lying awake at night with no sleep in sight, all the thoughts and inspiration running wild through my head would be gone by morning without my handy journal.   


I have two brush holders that always sit on my vanity; one contains larger brushes that are mostly used for my base like foundation, blush and face powder, and the other holds eyeshadow and concealer brushes. My most-loved brushes that I always grab are by Zoeva, Real Techniques and BH Cosmetics. They just always get the job done and the quality of the bristles are nothing short of amazing.


The right ambience in my work space really helps me to get into the best mindset to create quality content, and one of things that I always do is light a candle while I get stuck into writing. There's nothing quite like a beautifully scented candle to ease the mind and evoke a sense of relaxation, which is exactly what I need being such a stress-head!


This mirror has two sides; regular and then super magnified so you can see each pore. It's great for when I'm applying makeup and need a bit of a close up for precision, and it also lights up which is perfect for nighttime application. I was originally loving the idea of getting a Hollywood mirror, but I didn't want to have to constantly move it to make room for a laptop and taking blog photographs. This desk mirror is really all I need and it's very space saving.


I love being organised and these are the best for storing makeup! Because of how sturdy the material is, I don't have to worry about weight limits or any of the shelves breaking. Most of the products in my acrylic organiser are ones that I reach for more frequently (foundations, primers, lipsticks etc), so I don't need to rummage around too much when I'm wanting my favourites. Not only are these incredibly useful and the fact they can be stacked up for more storage, but they also look great sitting on the vanity so you can show off your lovely products with pride.

What's on your vanity?

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