Monday 28 November 2016

The Ultimate Game Changer for Pale Skin

At last our foundations can match our necks which has been an ongoing problem for us pale skin ladies. Thankfully, The Body Shop's Lightening Shade Adjusting Drops have come to our rescue and answered our beauty prayers, so we can transform a not so porcelain or ivory into the perfect one. 

In this cute little glass bottle contains 15ml worth of product for $29.95. Now it may seem like a lot to spend for such little volume but you really only need a few drops (depending on how dark the foundation is to begin with), so it will definitely last you a good while. The dropper applicator is very practical as well so you can control how many drops you require without it becoming wasteful.

The consistency is quite thin but not so sheer where you have to constantly add more and more to your foundation. I find that it mixes in incredibly well and doesn't alter the actual formulation of the foundation itself, which is absolutely amazing! It's not completely white is colour, it's more of a combination of white and pink to neutralise yellowness and lighten your foundation all together.

Most of my foundations are a shade or two darker than my skin tone so I usually need one and a half to two drops to achieve my perfect shade. The above photo is Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation in 'Ivory' as is, under it is one drop (which equals to 1/2 a shade lighter) and below that is two drops which I consider to be for very light skin tones. It definitely does neutralise A LOT of that yellow tint and lightens the overall shade making it a lot more wearable for us pale skin girls. 

I can now bring out those those foundations that never quite matched me so well from hiding, and wear them confidently in natural lighting without worrying about it being too dark for my skin tone. If you're someone who has a very light to medium skin tone who struggle finding a shade light enough or you're in between shades, I recommend picking this up as it will change your foundation game! 

What do you think of these shade adjusting drops?

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