Friday 11 November 2016

The NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss

If there's one thing my makeup stash doesn't lack, it's lip products. So today's post features 5 beautiful Mega Shine Lip Glosses by NYX that I just love and adore. If you're a lip gloss fanatic, then these would make a great addition to your makeup bag.

There is nothing that frustrates me more than when your hair gets stuck in your thick lip gloss on a windy day (long haired girls you know how it is!). Thankfully, these non-sticky glosses do no such thing and have quickly become my most used lip gloss above others.

Not only is the formula non-sticky (which makes them very comfortable to wear), but they feel so lightweight and moisturising on the lips as well. These glosses just glide over the lips with ease, and deliver an intense shine that looks quite flattering in the way it gives you the appearance of a fuller pout. If you're not overly keen on scented makeup products, then you may not like these as they do have a strong sweet smell. However, once you apply them you don't notice it one bit. 

With over 30 shades in the range, there is a pretty decent mix of colours and finishes to choose from. 'Sugar Pie' is a light frosted peach shade with an ever so slight hint of shimmer throughout. It is definitely more on the subtle side, so it would be perfect for anyone who much prefers a sheer glossy lip. 

Speaking of muted shades, 'Beige Pearl' is a pale gold that has a sort of metallic look to it which is very on trend at the moment. A very wearable shade for day to day or layered over the top of your favourite lipstick for a super glossy/metallic finish to the lips.

From top to bottom: Sugar Pie, Nude Pink, Salsa, Cosmo & Beige Pearl.

If you're looking for sparkle, I definitely recommend 'Cosmo' (bronze with silver and red glitter). It's a very unique yet stunning shade that can be worn alone or again, over the top of any lip colour to intensify it for a glam multidimensional finish. 

'Salsa' (mauve-pink) has a touch of shimmer to it and would have to be my favourite out of the five. It's a lovely cool toned shade that gives my lips a hint of pink and the shimmer adds some dimension as well. 

There is no shimmer or glitter whatsoever in 'Nude Pink' so if you're a true nude lover, then this would be right up your alley! It's a very simple shade to just throw on when you're in a rush and to store in your handbag for lip emergencies. 

I think these Mega Shine Lip Glosses are AMAZING for a drugstore product. The formulation and pigmentation is top notch, and they are everything that I look for in a lip gloss. I definitely recommend giving these a try yourself, you might even love them just as much as I do!           

What are your favourite shades from the range?

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