Friday 22 June 2018

Look Fantastic Beauty Box | June Edition

I've been an avid subscriber of their beauty box for a good year now (this is actually my very last box - for now at least!), so I thought I would give you a look inside this month's Into The Blue theme of rejuvenating summery beauty bits. 

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.


I discovered this gem of a product in an earlier box and I am over the moon that I received another because this is one of my ultimate holy grails! I have quite fine, limp hair so volume and thickness has always been my desire. This gritty, rose scented paste is incredible in the way it brings immediate volume to my hair and that is most certainly not an exaggeration! I have tried all sorts of "volumizing" products and this is the ONLY one that has delivered results beyond my expectations (catch my full review here). Totally worth the $60+ price point for lustrous hair and I truly cannot recommend it enough!


Targeted at people with dry and dehydrated skin types which I am the complete opposite of so I wasn't sure how I would get on with this intensely moisturising mask. You can use this as a quick 15 minute treatment for an instant boost of hydration or slap it on before bed as an overnight pamper for your skin (which has been my favourite way to apply it). Since we are in the middle of Winter here in the southern hemisphere, I found that me skin absolutely loved it and I woke up with such smooth, supple feeling skin. I really like the soft, powdery, peony scent this has and the texture isn't too heavy or greasy which I very much appreciate. I can see myself using this a fair bit this chilly season.


I've heard this brand does amazing tanning products so I'm eager to test this out during Summer when I can be bothered looking like a bronzed goddess. This doubles as a body moisturiser as well as a buildable self tanner, so it'll give your skin much needed hydration along with a sunkissed glow. Tanning lotions have come a long way and I remember when they had that god awful scent (surely they still don't!), so it makes me a happy lady to know this particular one is odourless. It has a non-toxic formula infused with botanicals such as liquorice (a powerful anti-inflammatory), ginkgo biloba (for firm skin) and raspberry to condition and nourish. I don't know about you guys, but this sounds just lovely!


At first this seems like your basic, generic face cream that smells like lanolin which isn't typically what I like to use on my skin but it also contains some wonderful ingredients like shea butter, vitamin e and hyaluronic acid for ultimate hydration. To my surprise, it's not greasy or too heavy in texture so I can get away with using this in Winter without risking looking like an oily mess. The antioxidants help fight and protect the skin against environmental damage (especially if you live or work in the city), I just wish it had SPF to really increase the level of protection. 


This metallic bronze definitely gives you that wow factor with it's foil finish (like Stila's Magnificent Metals) and perfect for a party makeup look. The doe foot applicator makes it a breeze to apply over the lids and it's true, it doesn't crease! Although, I do feel like a primer would really adhere the eyeshadow to your lids and ensure it stays put all night long because it does seem to wear off slightly. It's very pretty but not something I would purchase simply because they aren't accessible here in Aussieland and I could easily find other products that are just as stunning at my local drugstore.


I haven't had the pleasure of trying many products by Elemis (they are WAY out of my budget!), and I'm fairly positive the Look Fantastic Beauty Box introduced me to their skincare with their best-selling Pro-Collagen Marine Cream which is so luxe by the way. The first thing I noticed about this face wash was the fresh, herbal scent and it lathers up quite well over the skin so you don't need to use much at all for a thorough cleanse. This lightweight gel cleanser is infused with active pre-biotics and provides your complexion with a dose of supergreens including broccoli and avocado. If you're vegan or you prefer to use vegan skincare, I think you'll love this range!   


Another brand that's completely new to me is Rituals. This cream combines two ingredients traditionally used in Chinese medicine - white lotus and yi yi ren for silky smooth skin. It smells like flowers and sunscreen (even though there is no trace of SPF), but it's definitely giving me Summer vibes so I may just slather my body in it when the weather warms up. It's best used after spending time in the sunshine to rehydrate the skin which makes total sense as this is quite a rich, thick cream and lots of sun exposure does tend to dry out your skin. I'm not a beach babe so I'm not sure how much use I'll get out of this in Summer so to avoid feeling like a sweaty, slimy, slug, I might slather my body in it during Autumn/Winter instead. 

Are you subscribed to the Look Fantastic Beauty Box?

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