Wednesday 27 June 2018

3 Things I've Learnt From 3 Years Of Blogging

Happy Birthday little space on the web!

So it's been three years since I became a part of the blogging community without any real clue what I was doing, but I knew it could be the start of something wonderful and it has been quite a journey! This post is all about everything I've learnt thus far as a blogger and also what's next for BlonDee's Beauty.


I knew from straight from the get-go that blogging was not going to be a walk in the park, and the one thing I was lucky enough to have is plenty of patience (among other things) to truly succeed in this industry. Do I feel like I've succeeded? Not entirely, but I'm working on it! I will admit, there have been times where I feel like I'm at a standstill which becomes incredibly frustrating, you then start to second guess yourself and wonder if you'll ever make it (if you're also a blogger/influencer I'm sure you can relate!). But having patience has definitely helped me continue to realize that great things do take time and to just trust the journey of being my own blogger boss because if others can do it, then so can I and the only person getting in the way of my goals and dreams is myself. 


Motivation is definitely needed to reach any meaningful goal, however it is overrated and it'll only last a week or two until we find it again because let's be real, we aren't always on fire with our content creating/goal crushing which is where self-discipline comes in. Over the years I have come to realize that it's okay to not always have motivation because it does come and go and in no way does it mean that I am losing my love and passion for blogging - some days are just a little harder than others. What I have learnt though is discipline to truly focus on what NEEDS to get done even on the hardest of days when all I want to do is be a sloth. Self-disciplining my mind has helped me to keep pushing, keep reaching for those goals and continue publishing content I'm proud of here on the blog. As Theodore Roosevelt once said, "with self-discipline most anything is possible."


I've seen many new, upcoming bloggers absolutely sore and thrive quite early in their journey (which is fantastic don't get me wrong!) and I'm not going to lie, I was extremely jealous/envious because it made me wonder why I hadn't and if I'll ever. I would often feel discouraged, really down in the dumps about my overall blog and at times I would ask myself, why do I bother? A while back I came across a quote on Pinterest that read, "Your speed doesn't matter, forward is forward." It may seem silly or lame, but from then on I've tucked those words away in my head and I've been in a much more positive mindset ever since. I may not be progressing in a fast pace, but at least I'm not moving backwards! 


Well, I'm just going to keep doing me and continue growing as a freelance writer, build more friendships with fellow bloggers and keep producing quality content about the things I'm passionate about. I'd like to expand a little more and perhaps include travel/nature/fashion/home type of content, but those are still ideas floating around in my head at this point in time. Overall I'm fairly happy with the layout and design of my blog so I don't intend to change it any time soon, although I was playing with the idea of moving to Wordpress but I think I'll save that for later down the track. 


A massive thanks to all of you lovely people who have stuck around for 3 years reading about what new lipstick I'm currently obsessed with, which new foundation I recommend buying and everything else in between. Truly grateful to have you guys supporting me and my little space that is BlonDee's Beauty. 

I look forward to another year of blogging, growth, goal smashing and new opportunities. 


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