Monday 2 July 2018

June Favourites

Another month bites the dust so bring on July because it is one of two months out of the entire year I get majorly excited for (my birthday and Christmas of course!). How did June treat you? It was the official beginning of Winter and we've had some pretty chilly temperatures already (between 1°C and 6°C), so you can imagine the difficulty I've been facing getting out of bed each morning! But enough about the weather and let's talk new beauty loves shall we?


I have been dying to try a tinted lip oil for months and as soon as I saw these on the stands, I snagged each and every shade! But the one I've been wearing on my pout lately is 'Contemporary Coral' and it gives my lips this natural peachy-pink hue that's perfect for 'no makeup' makeup days. I absolutely love how lightweight the texture is and despite it being an oil, it doesn't feel greasy or sticky like a gloss - it almost feels like water and it adds such a flattering shine to the lips. It's been a while since I've been this excited by Rimmel's range, so I hope these unique lip hybrids stick around because they really are just fab! 


Fairly new to my highlighter collection is this gorgeous shimmery (not glittery) illuminating powder in the shade 'White Gold'. It's a pretty everyday highlight for a subtle glow all over the face or you can build it up to the intensity you desire with a wet brush. It swatches powdery but once you start blending, you're left with a smooth, lit-from-within glow that's comparable to BECCA's highlighters except much easier on the bank account! It isn't too gold in colour so I find that it suits my fair complexion beautifully and very fitting for the wintertime. Definitely going to be dipping my brush into this one a lot more in the upcoming months.


I came across this particular product on Instagram a couple times and I was intrigued by the entire concept of a foam conditioner. This boasts 100% conditioning, 0% weight along with fully transformed free-flowing hair. Let me tell you (after using this three times or so) that the hype is most definitely real! It pumps out foam like a hair mousse but it's lighter than shaving cream and once it comes in contact with your wet hair, it immediately just melts into every strand. There's no need to sit and wait for it to soak in - that's how quickly this works and you can feel the results instantly. It doesn't weigh down my limp, fine hair or leave it feeling too hydrated at the roots, it feels so much more softer and less knotted. I honestly don't think I can go without this now that I've tried it so if you buy one hair product this month, make it this one! 


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  1. That foam conditioner sounds so incredible!

    1. Oh it's great stuff! I want to try their Volume and Body one also :)


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