Tuesday 24 July 2018

A Peek At The L'Oreal x Balmain Collection + Swatches

French fashion designer Olivier Rousteing (you may know him as the handsome creative director of luxury fashion house Balmain), have collaborated with L'Oréal to bring you 12 couture limited edition lipsticks by Colour Riche. Today I wanted to give you a peek at the most anticipated collection at the drugstore featuring 6 edgy, modern and fierce shades inspired by the runways of Paris.

Each tribe (Rock, Couture and Safari) contain 4 unique shades with a creamy matte formula with their own earthy stone which represents individual forms of femininity: emerald marble is for the fierceness in all of us women, onyx for the glamazon and azurite to make a brave statement.


For the woman who isn't afraid to make a statement with a bold lip like 'Freedom'* (matte violet shade). Perfect for a grunge/rock chick makeup look and it is pig-men-ted! For a more wearable look you can pair this colour with a simple wing and let your lips do the talking. Lip liner is a definite must for a crisp, tidy outline and it'll also extend the wear of your colour and keep it looking vibrant because nobody really wants a faded, patchy purple lip! You can also find 'Legend' (unique dark brown), 'Power' (rich red-brown) and 'Rebellion' (indigo) in this edgy collection.


Celebrating the couture origins of Balmain comes 4 gorgeous shades (including my personal favourite - 'Confession' that suits my skin tone incredibly well!). It's a pretty peach tone that I can easily wear day to day for a fresh look and if I feel like adding a bit of oomph, I will sweep 'Confidence'* over the top to give me a beautiful rose gold reflect. If you're a lover of a good classic red, 'Domination' is right up your alley but if you're after something a bit more on the vampy side, then 'Liberation' (deep purple) is what you need for a stand-out evening look with lots of lashes of course!

   Left to right: Confidence*, Confession, Glamazone*, Urban Safari, Freedom* & Fever.


The tribe of being as fierce as Tara Banks (which is pretty fierce if you ask me!). The green marbling against the metallic gold definitely gives me glam jungle vibes along with the shades 'Glamazone'* and 'Fever' (orange-red). 'Urban Safari' is quite a pale beige so it does give me that whole unflattering concealer lips look, but it's great for lightening your lip colour, creating an ombré effect or you could simply wear a darker lip gloss over the top. Another unique shade is 'Balmain Instinct' that I am most certainly not game enough to wear with its khaki green tone. However, if you're feeling daring and want to experiment with a less than ordinary lip colour then by all means go for it girl! 


Which tribe is calling your name?

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