Tuesday 10 July 2018

Urban Decay Backtalk Palette. Worth The Hype?

If you're a makeup junkie then chances are you've seen this stunner just about everywhere you look. With eight versatile pink hues and four warm face shades inspired by their bestselling Vice lipstick shade in Backtalk (warm mauve), what's not to love?! But is it worthy of a spot in your glorious makeup stash?

This limited edition one-and-done palette features a total of twelve pretty pigments with a double-sided, removable mirror dividing both the eye and face shades. Despite it being made of cardboard, it feels sturdy in the hands and has a good amount of weight to it so it doesn't feel cheaply made at all (for $78 you would hope not!). 

The colour scheme is right up my alley so naturally I was immediately drawn to it (can you blame me?!), and seeing as though this is my first Urban Decay palette, excited is an understatement. 

You get three matte eyeshadow shades; '3 Sheets' (pale pink-nude perfect as a base colour), 'Backtalk' (soft rosy mauve) and 'WTF' (reddish brown). They are all soft and silky smooth in texture and blend very nicely across the lids. I found 'Bare' (pinky-peach with a satin finish) to be slightly lacking in pigmentation along with 'Curve' (rose shimmer with silver micro-glitter) so you'd need to dip your brush in several times to really build the colour up. But if soft and subtle is your preferred makeup look then they are just fine!  

    Top to bottom: 180, WTF, Attitude, Shade, Backtalk, Curve, Bare & 3 Sheets.

'Backtalk' makes for a lovely transition shade for any makeup look you're going for, and it's one of my most used shades with how easy it is to wear alone just to add a touch of colour to and depth to the crease. 'Shade' (deep fuchsia with a satin finish) paired with 'Attitude' (metallic red-copper) creates this warm Autumnal vibe and it's seriously stunning.

The four corresponding blush and highlight shades are just as beautiful and versatile as the eyeshadows. 'Cheap Shot' is a richly pigmented medium toned pink-nude so a very light hand is needed on my fair skin to avoid looking crazy. I like to use 'Low Key' (shimmery pink-peach) and 'Party Foul' (shimmery light pink-nude) as blush toppers or alone for a shimmery summer-like glow to the cheeks. 'Double Take' adds a gorgeous mauve hue with a teeny bit of shimmer and they ALL look just as beautiful on the face as they do in the pans. 

Top to bottom: Party Foul, Low Key, Double Take & Cheap Shot.


Uh, yeah! If you're a sucker for mauves, roses and berry tones (or if you're downright obsessed with their 'Backtalk' Vice Lipstick), then this will make a fabulous addition to your makeup collection. It's great value for money, super travel friendly and quite versatile in creating glam, romantic or soft looks for whatever the occasion. Every eyeshadow blended seamlessly across the eyes and the face shades add a lovely pop of colour to the cheeks. However, I did find some inconsistencies with the colour pay off of a couple of the eyeshadow shades, but overall this palette is a beaut! It is such a pleasure to use and it's exactly what I expected from Urban Decay!

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