Wednesday 11 April 2018

One Blush Palette for Every Makeup Look

The great thing about blush palettes is every shade you could possibly need is all in one compact so no matter what makeup look you choose to create (for day or night), you'll always find the perfect accompaniment. Maybelline have released their Master Blush palette that allows you to mix and match shades for your own custom cheek colour which is really fun and artsy!

This vibrant palette holds a total of 3 versatile blush shades as well as a gorgeous shimmery champagne highlighter for that glow factor. 

My personal favourite shade that's been getting quite a lot of love lately is the soft peachy-pink that goes with all of my minimal day time makeup looks. The level of pigmentation is fantastic and it complements my fair complexion very well. I like to dip my brush into both the highlighter and blush beside it to create a natural hint of colour with a beautiful radiant finish to the cheeks. 

On the far right you'll see a deep berry-mauve which is giving me serious Autumn vibes! This shade would flatter darker skin tones so incredibly well, but for me, the tiniest amount is more than enough without risking looking like a total clown. I can definitely see myself using this colour when creating an autumnal-esque makeup look.

The brightest shade of all will certainly give those cheeks a pop of pink for the springtime when going for a fresh faced look. It applies nicely and blends like a dream! 

Have you tried this blush palette?

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  1. This palette is gorgeous! I plan to grab it when my maternity leave is over and I can actually put it to use when I go back to work.

    Angela at Blush & Pearls


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