Thursday 5 April 2018

A Beauty Emergency Kit

Have you ever found yourself in an unfortunate beauty crisis? (raises hand). Okay crisis may be a strong adjective to use, but whether it's a spur-of-the-moment date or a very important meeting you can't escape, we just want to look our absolute best for any unplanned occasion. 

Besides from the usual items we would normally pack in an emergency beauty kit (like antiperspirant, your favourite perfume and of course dry shampoo), these 5 additions will have your back on your biggest beauty dilemma.


As soon as you apply this cream all over your hands, you are hit with a pleasant smell of the seashore and it makes you feel so serene. It's enriched with a blend of sea algae, green seaweed, macadamia and shea butter for ultimate hydration. It works a treat for conditioning your nails and cuticles as well!  A definite must-have in your kit when Winter has wreaked havoc or they've simply been through a lot and need a bit of TLC, so say goodbye to dry hands and say hello to soft, well hydrated, smooth skin.


I don't leave the house without some type of lip balm so for me it's imperative that I carry one in my emergency beauty kit, because chapped lips are never a good look. What I like most about this particular one is the flavour (sweet mint is my thang!), but I also really like how well it keeps my lips moisturised with natural ingredients like jojoba and vitamin e.      


Not only is lipstick a makeup bag staple, it's also all you need in your SOS kit to elevate your look for a more presentable/put together appearance for whatever surprise pops up. You really cannot go wrong with a nude lippie and L'Oréal's 'Beige Boudoir' (nude pink) is just one of my many favourites. Because it's such a neutral shade, it's great for slapping on without worrying about lip liner or trying to achieve a crisp, clean line. The formula is ultra moisturising and it will give your lips a gorgeous flattering sheen.


If the cold Winter air tends to suck the life out of your skin (or you just have a dehydrated skin type), a quick spritz of your most loved facial mist will provide you with an instant burst of moisture in your time of need! This Soothing Facial Mist is enriched with rosewater and chamomile to revitalise lacklustre, tired skin and it's especially great if you work in an air-conditioned environment. Use it as a toner, a hydration boost throughout the day or even as a makeup setting spray and you'll be good to go!


It wouldn't be a beauty emergency kit without a good concealer to hide those under eye bags caused by a late night, or a pesky zit that reared its ugly head at the worst possible time (story of my life!). Maybelline have created a solid concealer providing you with medium-full coverage, but be careful with how much you apply as it is quite thick in texture so it can get cakey. Surprisingly it still blends flawlessly considering it has a thicker formula and a little goes a very long way! You'll go from looking like a zombie to looking like you had a decent 8 hour sleep with perfected skin. 

What products rescue you in a beauty emergency?
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