Tuesday 24 April 2018

Bold Lips + Glowing Skin

Autumn's biggest beauty statement is the bold lip and keeping the base looking youthful, dewy and fresh (à la Karlie Kloss) has been my new favourite makeup look to wear this month. I've rounded up some of my go-to products including Guerlain and L'Oréal, that help me create the ultimate glowing complexion and fiery pout combo that surely turns heads.


I am in love with how this foundation makes my skin look and I feel kind of bad for neglecting it for so long, but to be fair, it does look the best on my skin type during cooler months as it is more of a hydrating, glowy foundation. You can see through the bottle that there is a lovely golden reflect in the formula which gives you a naturally radiant base to work with. It feels very lightweight and it just melts into the skin upon application leaving you with a flawless, medium coverage finish. I don't know about it being a "true match" but the shade 'Golden Ivory' isn't too bad!


This was pretty much love at first sight (just look at that packaging!), and it is THE most luxe makeup product I own. As soon as you open the lid, you are hit with this delicate violet fragrance and it is truly beautiful. Swirl your fluffy powder brush into the multi-coloured pearls and lightly dust it all over your face for a soft illuminated effect. It's definitely worth the splurge but any powder that has a subtle light reflecting finish will work just as well.


'Lunch Money' is a stunning pale gold that has this almost wet highlighted look on the skin and it catches the light so well! Sweep it across your cheekbones to really make them pop for the ultimate glow. This is one of the best formulas I've had the pleasure of trying - it's buttery, bouncy, smooth and finely milled so it doesn't look like a glitter bomb exploded on your face. You can easily achieve a natural or blinding highlight with this particular shade and it's very versatile too! Typing this has actually gotten me hella excited about Colourpop and I am definitely overdue for another spree!


For the bold factor, 'Retro Red' is one of those classic lip colours to have in your collection. We all know how high maintenance a red lippy can be, so the way I like to wear this is by slightly diffusing it so it doesn't look too stark and it also makes it much more wearable for the daytime. It has this gorgeous velvety texture that contains camelia and jojoba for all day comfort and hydration. You really cannot go past a statement red but any bold lip colour of your choice will look equally as stunning!

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