Monday 16 April 2018

Brand Focus | Luma Beauty

So it's been roughly 6 months since my last brand focus (oops!), so this post has definitely been long overdue! I'm pretty excited to talk about this brand because Luma (by our very own Jessica Hart) are all about multi-purpose, skin-loving beauty products and spoiler alert, they are simply beautiful!


This stunner of a primer gives my skin the most lit-from-within glow with its pearly finish and it feels so unbelievably nice on the skin! It's filled with grapeseed oil, vitamins a and e as well as crushed pearl powder for that youthful luminous look. My absolute favourite way to incorporate this into my makeup routine is by mixing it in with their Tinted Beauty Balm and I am truly obsessed with this base combination!


When my skin is behaving, I like to use this BB cream in conjunction with the Liquid Illuminating Primer and it leaves my skin looking SO wonderfully fresh and naturally radiant. It has a lovely sheer tint to it that adds a nice amount of warmth to my complexion, and it's also formulated with pomegranate seed oil which has amazing antioxidant properties. If you're all about wearing minimal makeup products that benefit the skin all at the same time, I think you'll adore this range! 


2-in-1 lip and cheek products never really appealed to me, but my love for them has grown significantly ever since giving these particular ones a try. These little gems come in a frosted glass jar with a metallic gold cap which looks very sleek and like all of her packaging, they really express what the brand is all about - fresh, pretty and simple beauty. I own all three shades in the range, but the one that has been getting the most attention lately is 'Lady Luck'. It's a deep brownish-purple that adds a subtle hint of colour to the cheeks (you can also layer it to the intensity you desire), and it just enhances my natural lip colour really beautifully.


Gotta love a multi-tasking balm! I use this mainly on my lips when they're feeling a tad dry and on my cuticles for a boost of hydration. The consistency is crazy thick but my gosh it does absolute wonders! It's jam packed with goodness like cocoa, jojoba and orange to nourish and relieve dryness. A definite must-have in your handbag for dry skin emergencies.

Have you heard of Luma Beauty?

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