Sunday 29 April 2018

A Beauty-Full Mess

I put A LOT of thought into my content here on BlonDee's Beauty (us bloggers always do there's no doubt about it), but sometimes I even find myself overthinking so today I really just felt like writing an ultra relaxed post by compiling a miniature mountain of products for no reason at all other than because I love them. So sit back, make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy this beauty-full organised mess.


I tend to avoid out-there eyeshadow colours and 'Pistachio' definitely falls into that category for me. When I am feeling a bit daring or experimental, this army green adds a gorgeous sultriness to my smokey eye for the nighttime. It would look most flattering on brown eyes, but I think it would seriously look stunning on any eye colour with that shimmery golden reflect. These creme eyeshadows have such a luxurious texture to them and they apply like an absolute dream over the lids!  


The gimmick that always draws everybody in - lip plumpers. They either do absolutely nothing, they sting like heck or you'll come across a rare one that might be more than just an illusion. I must admit, I was completely eye rolling my way through the description and claims of this product and after many uses, I'm still unsure on whether or not this plumps in any way (maybe a tiny bit). I'm a sucker for minted lip products so obviously I was going to like this one as it contains peppermint oil to give you that tingly sensation, but what I also really like is that for a lip gloss it isn't too thick or sticky so overall I'm a fan!


A long time favourite of mine that has become my signature nighttime scent. It's a dark, mysterious and sexy fragrance with notes of coffee, vanilla and orange blossom that lasts all night on me. The black, glittery bottle gives me a glam rock vibe that I am low-key obsessed with and I always get compliments when I wear it. For some it may be just another mainstream sweet perfume, but it's my go-to during Winter and I would repurchase it in a heartbeat!


This ginormous sleek compact holds a contour and highlight powder for sculpting the face and they feel like silk! I find 'Dream Filter' to be perfect for my snow-white complexion - the highlight shade is great for setting under the eyes to brighten and the contour side gives me such a natural looking shadow under my cheekbones. I love how effortlessly the contour shade blends so you aren't left with a horrid stripe that ruins your entire makeup look. A very pleasant surprise was reading that this powder duo are formulated with vitamins a,c, and e which is always nice to see in makeup products.


Against my skin tone, 'Birthday Suit' comes off as a soft, neutral pink which is exactly what I like for lazy makeup days. The satin finish is so beautiful and I can totally see why this particular shade is one of their best sellers! Highly recommend it if you're pale as a ghost (like myself!) however, probably not the best for deeper skin tones as it is quite light so you would need multiple layers for it to show up on the cheeks. Although it is a muted shade, it's not lacking in pigmentation and it truly is a fool proof blush.


Having blemish prone skin, I always need some kind of topical treatment handy for when those pesky zits suddenly appear. This spot zapper is fairly new to my skincare drawer and I have been thoroughly enjoying it lately. It does an amazing job at calming down angry, irritated pimples with the use of plant based ingredients and it doesn't completely dry out the skin like some other harsher treatments. I already see improvements on active pimples just from using it overnight so this is a huge winner in my books! 


I have rediscovered my love for this powder duo and I carry it in my makeup bag almost every time. The matte setting powder is SO finely milled and because it's translucent, it won't alter the colour or coverage of your foundation and it certainly doesn't leave you with a cringey white cast. For a soft veil of luminosity, the baked glow powder looks incredibly gorgeous on the skin with its pearly finish. For day to day, this does a wonderful job at giving my skin that radiance boost without it being overkill.


This luxe serum is an absolute joy to use. Its lightweight, gel consistency absorbs into my skin within seconds and it immediately feels smoother and well hydrated. The dropper applicator dispenses the perfect amount of product (you only need a pea size amount) and it's so mess-free as well. After many months of continued use, I can say that it has made a visible difference to my complexion - it's brighter, supple and fine lines are less prominent. It's hella pricey but the sophisticated, elegant bottle and the fact that it works makes it very much worth the money!    

Have you tried any of these products?

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